Srishas Foundation


SRISHAS FOUNDATIONS was launched on its path to glory by MR.S.SUNDAR.He began modestly with just one project per year. Consequently with each passing year, the number of projects per year and the size of the projects have increased but the sheer quality of construction, the manner of satisfying every customer's fancy and absolute commitment to on time delivery have madeSRISHAS FOUNDATIONS the preferred builders for discerning and well-informed sections of people in Chennai.

As natural disasters like earthquake have started shaking the confidence of people as well as shoddy constructions, even rivals have to acknowledge the extraordinary care and technique invested by SRISHAS FOUNDATIONS in earthquake-proofing their structures.

State-of-the-art designs, use of only quality raw materials, meticulous execution of the work, the attention to detail in finishing as well as interior designs and, last but not the least, the crafting of every square foot of living or working space to the utmost satisfaction of the customer are the factors behind pushing SRISHAS FOUNDATIONS to the front rank of premium builders of India.


SRISHAS FOUNDATIONS has a dedicated wing to undertake maintenance of all its completed projects after they are sold, to assure all its customers, trouble-free enjoyment of the property. Repeat buyers are the cores of demand for all new projects of SRISHAS FOUNDATIONS.

SRISHAS FOUNDATIONS has sold out all their projects without much publicity or advertisement but on the strength of the world-of-mouth publicity by existing customers.

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