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Although the availability of residential buildings was abound, during the year 2000, the quality of construction and the amenities offered did not commensurate with the cost, hence in need of the hour we emerged as the promoters to offer cheap and quality dwellings, a decade ago.

Commencing our career a decade ago, wehave constructed and offered the residential flats with considerable acclamation of our clients from all sectors. With the advice of veteran technical people and architects we have further improved our skills in constructing residential flats and individual houses with utmost satisfaction in creativity, design, structure, perfection and price.Hence we have improved ourselves to meet the evolving needs in the construction industry. The statutory requirements, Regulations of local authorities are promptly observed to provide inalienable rights to the buyers. Our clients are reassured that the building material and fittings used are the best available in the market / ISO certified quality. And now we are proud to announce that we have perfect credentials for the trade, but still we are trying to take us through further perfection in our projects.

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