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Sai Bharath Builders


Our unique performance in home building sector can be gauged from how rationally we apply some of the basic parameters uniformly on all our projects. We set standards for our projects not from a business angle, but from the customer’s point of view. This principle was born out of our own experience, not as a builder, but as a buyer.

But that was not the end of the story. That was a beginning of a history. Our building drew great appreciation from friends and relatives who visited us on various family occasions. Surprisingly, some of them wanted to entrust the responsibility of building their dream home to us. That request, embedded with confidence in us, emboldened us to start a company of our own. That gave birth to Sai Bharath Builders, a name being cherished until now by every one of the families that have occupied the homes built by us.

Our new customers also understand one particular attribute of our organization. That is this: Money is always a secondary concern here. The priority always goes to customer satisfaction. Because that was how we were once when we wanted to build a house of our own. And that is how we want out customers to experience from our every project. We expect our customers to enjoy the same amount of satisfaction as we did years ago on building our own home.

Time and again we have been given to understand one particular truth clearly: A business can grow mostly through the mouth talk of satisfied customers rather than through the profile we present about the projects.

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