Rana Builders


Rana Builders was founded in 1998 by SRI HARI.Rana Builders is a leader in commercial development. Each year we complete projects with cutting-edge technology, innovation, and efficiency. More than two decades of combined experience enables us to apply our insight, experience, intelligence and resources to help clients realize their Flat Promoters . Since from 1998 to 2008 Rana Builders Focused on Industrial Buildings, Residential Buildings and Contract Works by creating a unique client experience with each project places like in Chennai and Pondicherry. After 2009, we came into Market to expand our skill sets in Builders and Flat Promoters by Constructing and Delivering Flats to the Customers. Rana Builders Expanding the scope of possibilities and allows us to continue to grow and develop skills directly benefiting our vast clientele. We have built Many Indiduval Villas and Apartments in and around places like Chennai. Our portfolio reveals a diverse skill-set in creating and rehabilitation to an array of buildings. Our unique approach integrates Design, Construction, and Technology to create end results that exceed your expectations.

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