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Rampon Infratech Pvt.Ltd


Over two decades Rampon Infratech has excelled in building affordable pricing houses in prime localities of Chennai city. With all the support from our clientele we have grown over the years. Under the new brand name we are eagerly expanding our operations through out Chennai offering luxury apartment and single-family houses at affordable pricing. Once our customer is customer for ever. We deliver the highest level of value and service to every customer Over the years investing in real estate has been the best investment with substantial growth. Let us help you make the right investment with most secure transactions. Every project we handle has been entitles with Clear Titles, Completion Certificates and all required approvals from Corporation, EB and other departments.

Built with exceptional quality we create the best value for you as a customer. Each house is chiseled by our expert engineers with peer quality and durability. We provide financing with major banks and financial institutes. Walk in with a dream and we bring it to reality.

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