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Finding a home in the big city

Our home-solutions firm, ProperTicks, was established in Chennai by PraveenRajan at January 2017. Our founders had experienced a common problem – finding a home in the big city.Young people faced different kinds of discrimination. Single women and bachelors are considered unreliable. Migrants from other places are viewed with suspicion as they appear as ‘foreigners’ in a new city. Further, many newcomers did not have the knowhow to get around, lacking access to local insights in a new city.
We concluded that people leaving homes to relocate to another city needed more than just a house. They needed a place they could call home, a community where they would be accepted and a platform which allows connections to various other access points.

We create homes beyond Homes

ProperTicks has been incorporated with the aim of bridging the gap and bringing in transparency between buyers and sellers, be it on corporate side or as an individual customer, with its unique service offerings
We at ProperTicks expertise in taking into account client’s requirement and offering matching real estate solutions.
Our fanatical devotion to high quality, standards and customization to our client’s needs has paid off tremendously. Not just in financial terms, but in human terms, also. It may seem old-fashioned, but our BIG reward is still our client’s satisfaction.


Happy living for everyone


At ProperTicks, we want to make finding homes accessible and smart. We want to make living easy by providing additional services and furnished homes so that customers can devote their time to their aspirations.


We want to address the issues of customers migrants who are discriminated against for various reasons. We want to bridge the gap between customers and the builders finding common ground and making the relationships mutually beneficial.


We want to make housing affordable and cater to individual needs, which greatly vary depending on personality. We wanted to be act as a middle-man the broker, who often becomes a decider of where you will stay rather than cater to your taste.

Our Mission & Vission

• Inspired Help to Make a Difference People Are what Makes Our Business Successful
• Honesty, Integrity And Fairness In All Dealings To Prove a High Level Of Customer Satisfaction to Following the Highest Standards of Professionalism Speed: Responding to Customers With a Sense Of Urgency.

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