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Mitra Home Makers Private Limited


The explosive growth in the infrastructure sector in recent years has greatly revolutionized the building construction industry in our country and many construction companies have entered the field on a mushroom growth with varied intentions and desires. Only a few companies have genuine responses of providing real relief for a proper home/shelter to the vast number of aspiring clients.

“MITRA HOME MAKERS” is a growing infrastructure & civil engineering/building construction company with genuine intentions in the field of real estate development and Realtors, with ample opportunities for growth. The company is on a fast-track growth path, offers a satisfactory work fulfillment status and ensures updated quality services and practices that deliver higher levels of performance. Based on a thorough understanding of the competitive environment & client needs, the company offers the best to its customers by delivering enhanced service levels at lower costs. The company is most willing to help in laying the foundation for its customer’s ambitions for growth with pioneering initiatives & attractive business models.

The company is poised to move along meeting new challenges & seeking varied opportunities and is currently expanding its business at scorching pace and simultaneously diversifying into synergic business areas for future growth. The company has ambitious plans for radical growth by way of expansion & diversification of its activity related to its land development and house building activities for providing complete shelter solutions under one roof. The Company has set targets to double its turnover every two years and for achieving the 100 Crore mark by 2014 - 2015.

The company’s values are those of flexibility reliability & expertise. Through flexibility, the company helps to accommodate the clients horizons & wishes. Reliably, the company is your partner. The company strongly believes, that “Together we are a team”.

The company has been registered as a private limited company in the year 2004 and has its registered office at 602,Suruthi Block, Chitra Avenue, 9, Choolai Medu High Road, Chennai – 600094. The Company has its administrative office at 501, Suruthi Block, Chitra Avenue, 9, Choolai Medu High Road, Chennai – 600094

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