Meenam Constructions Pvt Ltd.


Meenam Constructions Pvt Ltd. established for itself a name in reliability, affordability, professionalism, aesthetic floor plans and design, and timely execution. With our dedicated and skilful ‘Building Team’, we are pleased to state that our company excels today. We have completed the building and is ready to occupy

Meenam’s business model is rooted in its unflinching commitment to quality. The architects and engineers who design and create Meenam’s buildings have never compromised on this important aspect of the business and will never do so in the future. The fruit of this commitment is the reputation our company enjoys in the community today. We are proud to state that we belong to a rare breed of construction companies that sticks to rules, gets its plans approved and executes the construction based on such a plan within the time schedule without any deviation whatsoever. Our success in this field has been made possible because of our golden team of Architects, Structural Engineers, Trained Supervisors and importantly, a very dedicated and skilled workmen. This team is guided entirely by our mission: Quality.

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