Guru Sakthi Constructions


M/s. Guru Sakthi Constructions is a Partnership concern where Mr.S.VENKATESAN and Mrs.M.SASIKALA are the two partners and the construction has been established in the year 2010.

Guru Sakthi constructions has previously established in the name of “Guru Kripa Constructions”. Guru Kripa Constructions was before a proprietary concern and later it has become partnership for Guru Sakthi Constructions. The company will professionally market its projects by launching persuasive and informative advertisement impugns through various sections of the media. Advertisement campaigns will be launched before booking for each project are commenced, in order to give maximum exposure to the projects. This marketing strategy will be implemented continuously. Besides, the company will also arrange for inspection of the projects which would give confidence in the minds of customers. The company will arrange for individual loans (buyers loan) for the customers through Bankers. This will go a long way in selling the projects.

The Company has gained very good reputation from prospective buyers, suppliers and the agencies for his outstanding performance. He had tremendous ideas in Building Architecture and construction quality.

Today, we are recognized in the industry for our strength in neat construction methods and for our fresh approach. Our objective is to provide the clients with happy experience when they choose our projects. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow through procedures ensures that client objectives are in top priority in the Planning and execution of all process. Our project management and execution philosophy includes create detailed schedule and resources plan to meet client objectives plan, Communicate clearly with all the Stakeholders, Track Project process, Supervise closely on quality of work done, Complete and commission the project on time. The construction takes pride in the delivery, thus our clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them all the time.

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