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We are Homeland, a division of Grand Magnum Housing Pvt Ltd. With a flurry of exciting projects in the offering, Homeland plans to pioneer a new revolution in commercial and residential plotted development.

This is Homeland. This is your land. This is your home. Because home is not a place. It’s an address. It’s where you have arrived. It’s what you’ve achieved. It’s who you are. And because home is not a place. It’s a feeling. Of togetherness. Of neighborhood. Of like-mindedness.

Home is the land you belong to. Of course, home is where you set off to work from. But also, home is where you return to. Home is what defines you. Your family. And your friends.

Home is what defines your interests. Your passions. Your aspirations.

Because home is how you become you. Everybody needs a home.

HomeLand. Find your home.

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