Durai Foundation


Durai Foundations comes with 12 years of proven experience in dealing with properties and have successfully executed projects across Tamilnadu.Our business philosophy is based on four strong characteristics, namely Honesty, Sincerity, Service and Knowledge. We have a long standing tradition of combining the twin parameters of Excellence and Integrity without compromises, a strong enough reason for our clients to return to us again and again. In short while our final finished products stand a testimony to our quality, we as an organization stand for Credibility and Trust. As always we are committed to walk the extra mile to ensure that your experience with us is pleasant, convenient and enjoyable.We maintain a blemish less record of 12 years without a single recorded complaint from our clients. We provide legal opinion on all our properties.We accept payment and proceed with a client only upon 100% satisfaction of the client based on the legal documentation provided by us.All construction materials used in our projects are quality certified and the entire project is managed under our direct supervision without using any intermediaries.Take advantage of this website to learn more about our current and upcoming projects in a variety of growth areas. Whether you buy as an investment, second home or primary residence, the team at Friends Real Estates will help you acquire the right place to suit your needs.

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