Bluemetal infrastructures


Started in the year 2014 with a seed capital of 14 lakhs, bluemetal infrastructures is aimed at giving out the best quality living spaces. An investment in house is once in a lifetime event and we help you in getting the best, because here at BlueMetal we always think that the structures we develop stands even after our time.

Quality is word easily misconceived and used, but the in order achieve quality we at Bluemetal put on a meticulous and repetitive work and we try and provide our 100% to give the best.

We never compromise on legal aspects and we try making the title of each property 100% clear by collecting all associated documents with it.

We are one of the very few builders who do not deviate and construct in the projects we develop on our own, each building will be as per the approved plan. This gives owners better lighting, ventilation and peaceful atmosphere to live in. Though the greatest benefit being higher UDSL which reaps them benefits down the line when the try selling it.

We are a young, dynamic and eager team who try to change the skyline of the city we live in.

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