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The Top Interior Design Trends for 2018

Colours are in

Vibrant and colourful – these are often the adjectives used to describe India. We extend that a bit further and prophesies that colours will be one of the bold themes in Indian interior design for 2018.

Think rich, warm, and combination of colours that will enliven walls, furniture, and even the kitchen sink!


Vintage is back

When did vintage ever go out of fashion, you might think? Not for long, but after a rush of sleek, contemporary, and modern looks, vintage is retro with a vengeance. Vintage lighting fixtures, such as aged copper pendant lights, will be the cynosure of many an Indian home interior design in 2018.

Linen is not just khadi

Using linen in furniture and bedding is a trend that we expect to catch on in India after it galvanised Australian homes this year.
Linen is laidback yet casual, warm and soothing, and is widely available. And it is perfect for the warm Indian climate as well!

Wallpaper will lead while murals fade

Indian online shopping sites might all be hawking murals and decorations. But the smart Indian home designer knows that wallpaper will roar into fashion in 2018.
Combining flair with extensive scope for creativity, wallpaper designs for next year will be edgy, colourful, and eclectic.

Plant wonder walls to refresh homes

Organic. Sustainable. Buzzwords for 2018? We think these are more than mere buzzwords, and 2018 will see Indian homes incorporate more green textures.

Not only plants affordable (a key factor for the value-conscious Indian customer), vertical gardens ensure that those vacant spaces on your walls can come alive to create a living ode to sustainability.

And forget about mass-manufactured – the predominant theme for next year will focus on handcrafted, curated prints and furniture – soft touches and exotic patterns in accessories. Warm, earthy, green, and refreshing – these are the words to catch in interiors for 2018.

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  1. Interior Designing and Construction is more than just helping clients to beautify their immediate surroundings. It’s more about helping them to bring their dreams into reality, whether it is via architecture, construction or interior design.

  2. These are some really useful tips. I am planning to renovate my house and these tips were really helpful. Loved the idea of vertical gardens. Thanks or sharing. Keep updating with more such posts.

  3. I’m always fond of vintage black and very delighted to know that it’s still a trend right now. These were all fantastic ideas, especially the edgy and colorful wallpaper designs. It further brightens up the kitchen and living room.

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