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The Top 5 Wall Décor Ideas

Furniture defines the look of your home, but wall décor is what instantly reflects your personal style. It can convey the mood and set a styling tone for each and every space in your home. The best part about wall décor is its flexibility. You can change it as per your changing tastes or maybe the season.


Wall décor is a lot more than hanging a framed photogram or a printed scenery. The options for wall décor can be as ordinary and as eclectic as you want them to be.


And as 2017 comes to an end, we take a look beyond the usual wall décor and have a look at the top 5 wall décor ideas for 2018:

Patterned tiles

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For rooms that receive a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and the kitchen, tiles can serve the dual purpose of keeping the walls waterproof and giving it a stylish look. Nowadays, patterned tiles are a big hit where tiles are arranged to make an unusual shape or design.

You can use patterned tiles on the front-facing wall to make a big statement. Click To Tweet

They usually come in equal sized 12-inch by 12-inch sheets, which makes these easy to install. It is a good idea to have a rough draft of the way your wall looks (you can use home décor apps for the same) before you install the tiles.

Subway tiles are also garnering a lot of popularity. Thanks to their clean, simple, and vintage feel they give to your space.

Paper roll holder

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Bored of the old boring chalkboard? Make room for the chic and trendy art installation known as the paper roll holder. It makes a perfect style statement without being too loud. The simple lines and down-to-earth colour add an industrial feel to your home.

And it serves a real purpose as well. Hang it on the home office wall or the kitchen, and you will never miss a single item from the list. You can also use it to write motivational thoughts. Hang a row or three or more in the kids’ bedroom and let them enjoy drawing on the wall.

Wall gardens

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While home gardens and terrace gardens have been around for a while, the wall garden is the latest trend among urbanites craving for a green home. These look fabulous, are useful, and have amazing health benefits. You can use a large wall planter that allows you to create gardens on your wall. The planters can be customised or decorated as per your preference or surrounding décor.

The best place to grow a walled garden is on a wall that receives ample light. You can grow houseplants like air plants, spider plants or small herbs. The best option for wall garden is planted with short roots and minimal water requirement. You can also grow a herb garden on the kitchen wall, which provides a continuous supply of fresh herbs!


Wall Paper

Wallpapers have been around for a while now. So what’s new and trendy about wallpapers you may ask? Its ever-changing and ever-evolving designs are what makes wallpapers trendy despite them being old school. The ancient burgundy floral wall covers are long gone. 2018 will be all about wallpapers with striking and bold geometric patterns.

If you are looking for a wallpaper to cover the entire room, stick to neutral tones available in various shades and designs. And thanks to the latest technologies, application, and removal of wallpaper is a breeze, which can be done without damaging the wall.

Or you could check out our guide to wallpapering which comes in handy.


Wall Decor

We love baskets in all their forms. And what if you can use this organic item for decorating your wall? Choose the everyday wicker variety of baskets to create a country-themed richness to your space.

Arrange them in patterns or add them in clusters to your drawing room walls. Pair them with a matching basket vase or accessories.

Baskets work in every room, especially if you have cane furniture or a jute sofa set.

So, do you want to play it safe or are you ready to challenge the stereotypes with these trendy wall décor ideas? Let us know!

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