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Simple Interior Design Ideas for South Indian Homes

If there is a part of India that has still proudly held on to its tradition and culture, it is, perhaps, Southern India.

Constituting majorly of the four states Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, while modernity more than left its mark, the tradition continues to hold sway.

At RoofandFloor, we bring to you simple interior design ideas to give your house a South Indian look.

Install traditional floor murals

Traditional floor murals or rangoli (made using rice paste) are common in South Indian household.

Creating a rangoli outside your home is believed to bring good luck.

The traditional rangoli has now been replaced by readymade murals. A wide variety of mural designs are available on the Internet, and you can select anything from traditional flower patterns to colourful peacock, deities or anything you like.

Interior Design Ideas

The latest 3-D murals are available in easy cut-paste and can be installed on any flooring.

Traditional paintings or posters

The traditional South Indian paintings are usually a blend of deities, mostly Tirupati Balaji embellished in golden or silver formats. South Indian home décor is never complete without one of these paintings.

Interior Design Ideas

Not only are these paintings a remembrance of the rich tradition and culture of Southern India, but they also look beautiful and have the power to transform a dull room into a space of colour. Not to forget the positive aura and the calming effect these paintings exude.

Brass vessels at the entrance

Brass vessels are one of the most important elements of South Indian homes. Often filled with water and decorated with flowers, these vessels give you feeling of a South Indian home, even before you have entered inside.

You can easily find intricately designed brass vessels with traditional carvings in the market. You can place them on the table or hang them using a strong harness. Many South Indian homes have a brass vessel placed in the living room or at the centre of their dining tables.

Interior Design Ideas

You may choose to polish with silver or gold, but nothing can match the elegance of an original brass vessel.

Decorate your courtyard

Unless you are living in a city apartment, a cosy courtyard is a must in South Indian homes. Decorated usually with wood sofas and cushions, this place is where the family sit together to enjoy the evening tea.

The inclusion of soft lights and some plants, such as rose, jasmine and Tulsi complete the overall ambience of a South Indian courtyard.

Decorate with lights

Make the evenings mellow and give a beautiful, muted light to your home with intricately designed diyas.

Interior Design Ideas

With simple changes, you can bring in some subtle vibrancy and colour to your home this festive season.

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