8 tips to help you move to your new home

Moving days are the stuff of nightmares. The thought of transplanting a home gives us stress-induced anxiety. It needn’t be like that. We share some tips to help you plan an organised move.

Sort and pack

Sort through all the clutter and purge your house of things that you do not need any longer. Make a list of things that you want to unpack first and things that can be unpacked later. Pack them accordingly.

Keep records

File all your important documents including licenses, tickets, bills and receipts in a folder. This will help you keep track of your papers. If you are changing your kids’ school and doctor to another one nearby, transfer all their records to the new school and the new doctor.

Get quotations; close dates

Research some packers and movers to get an idea of the cost of moving. Call them to your place to check out furniture and other possessions so you can get a final estimate. This will help you avoid disputes on the day of moving. Once you have finalised a mover, schedule the date for packing, transporting and delivery.

Change mailing address

Remember to alert your utility service providers like banks, insurance, credit cards, and others, about your new mailing address so you don’t miss out on any important mails.


Prepare a first aid box or if you already have one, stock it up with the essentials. In all the chaos that is packing and moving, you may forget something important. Stock up on all prescribed medicines that you will need for, at least, two weeks.


Use up the perishables. Plan to finish up all vegetables, fruits, dairy and other perishables that you may have.

Actual packing

Label the boxes with their contents and the rooms they belong in. Your fragile items like glassware and cutlery should be separately packed in clothing or bubble wrap and labelled accordingly. Valuables like your jewellery and your documents should be in a separate box and must travel with you personally.

Defrost your fridge

24 hours before your moving day, defrost your fridge and switch it off. Leave the doors open for it to dry.

On the day of the move

Check the list of your belongings and sign it. Keep a copy with yourself. Keep this in the box with all your documents. Order for a house cleaning service. Supervise that all your belongings have been packed appropriately and loaded properly in the truck.

You are ready for a new home and a whole new adventure!

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