Future Foundations


The main mandate of the company is to furnish economical and eco-friendly housing units in Kerala. Over the past 25 years, Future Foundations Pvt. Ltd has garnered the goodwill of their patrons and has emerged as one of the most trusted builders in Trivandrum. Earning ISO certification is a measure of the quality of work executed by the company.

Catering to the various needs of customers, the organization has developed a substantial client base that is fully satisfied by their efforts in providing quality housing. The company projects have been well received and all building projects have generated good response.

Future Foundations Pvt. Ltd has always followed strict financial discipline throughout its operations, evidenced by the cost effective products offered by them. Shareholders have welcomed the company consistently attractive dividends and there is always the option to buy back shares, ensuring that their investment is well protected. Future Foundations P. Ltd (FFPL) was promoted by a group of engineering and management professionals in 1995, with an authorized capital of IRS 2.5 million, later enhanced to 30 million.

The key business objective of the company was economical, sustainable and friendly real estate development in Kerala.The promoters had identified the early potential in investing in real estate and entered into construction and property development from the start. The performance of the company over the past 20 years have vindicated the vision espoused by the promoters from the beginning. During the span of about two decades since it's inception, FFPL has implemented more than 20 major projects and several small to medium housing projects.

The successful completion of these projects have earned an excellent reputation and eminently bankable goodwill for the company in the market.This is evidenced by the fact that all the ongoing projects have been very well received in the market leading them to breaking even very early into the construction. The company maintains excellent financial discipline throughout it's operation. This is underlined by the trust that the major banks and shareholders place on the company.The company has also done it's best to fulfill it's promise to the share holders by consistently paying them attractive dividends. The directors have always offered to buy back any shares from the share holders, there by ensuring that their investment is well protected.

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