8 Tips for Stress-free unpacking

8 Unpacking tips after moving into your new home

Anita Kurup

So, you packed your belongings beautifully before leaving for your new home. Now, time to unpack! Not something one wants to do right after the exacting process of packing, sorting and moving. But it has to be done. Just as we shared our tips for a relatively painless way of packing; this time, we will share our tips for unpacking without anxiety and frayed tempers.

  • During packing, you would have packed a box with the essentials you require for the first couple of days and nights. Unpack this box first.
  • Unpack and arrange your kitchen. This is easier if you have packed and labelled the kitchen separately. Unpack and arrange the kitchen cupboards. Plug in the appliances like the fridge and the stove.
  • Unpack your bathroom. Get in the bath essentials, medicines, towels, shower curtains etc.

Once the kitchen and bathroom are operational, you can continue with the other rooms.

  • Set up your bedrooms. This can even be the first step. Your movers and packers team will help you assemble the beds. Once this is done, unpack bed linen and get the beds all ready. The family and you are going to be very tired at the end of the day – you shouldn’t be setting up the bed then.
  • Place and arrange the closets. It is advisable not to leave this for later – usually, we end up attending to such plans very late.
  • If you have little kids, unpack some of their favourite toys and books. Children like routine and having their favourite toys with them will help them settle down better.
  • Hang up family portraits or photos – this will make the new home familiar and homely right away.
  • Order take out for dinner – Celebrate your move to a new home. And get a good night’s sleep for the next day.


  • Unpack the essentials first. Pieces that require assembling can wait until their placements are clear. You can take your time with putting up your artefacts and other decorative elements.
  • In the kitchen, leave items that are not used frequently to be unpacked later.
  • Once you are somewhat settled in, you can also undertake another round of sorting your belongings. Anything that you feel is not required, donate to charity.
  • Keep your tool box at hand to help with the unpacking.

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