5 Types of Swings for a Modern Home

Children and adults alike have always associated swings with play and laughter. Perhaps that’s why they have traditionally featured in homes across India since centuries. While traditional swings are more like large, heavy platforms hung on metal chains, modern homes have integrated a wide variety of swings that give different shades of character to the decor.

Let’s take a look at some of them and see how adding a swing can transform the atmosphere in your home.

Vintage charm

Ever been to a naalukettu, the traditional ancestral homes in Kerala or Tamil Nadu, or one of those towering havelis in the North? These sprawling homes with inner courtyards and multiple rooms almost always featured a solid wooden swing with elaborate designs carved on them.

Polished to shine like mirrors, sometimes even gilt-edged, these elaborate swings formed the centrepiece of many a home, a converging point where the family gathered, visitors were received, and occasions were celebrated. If you want your home to ooze classical charm with time-honoured pieces of decor, then the large Indian swing will fit right in.

Casual and minimalistic

If you are not one for heavy pieces of furniture or ornate accessories, then you would love the simple chair-like swing. Modern decor is all about utilising space to the maximum and emphasising on minimalistic designs, and this is where the swing chair comes in.

Swing chairs come in a variety of designs and materials, making them flexible to fit any decor. Putting up a comfortably curved, basket swing chair ensconced with cushions is perfect for a casual and clean-lined look. Or perhaps you might like a hammock chair made of cloth to add a splash of colour.

Fun and play

If you truly want to infuse an element of playfulness in your home regardless of the decor, then go for benches. There is great versatility in bench-swings as they come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and materials, which allows them to fit into any type of room.

How about a compact, cloth-covered bench with small tassels to hang in the living room? Or consider a simple plastic swing with a curved seat to hang in the children’s room. You could even get a hammock inside, line with a couple of cushions, and you have a perfect swing for your balcony or even your bedroom if it’s spacious.

A quirky twist

Want to add a quirky twist to your living spaces? Pick out a mid-sized tyre and hook it up to ropes! You can even paint it in the colours you like to match your decor. Not only is it a refreshing change from regular old decor, but it is also a great way to make your room pop.

If you want something unique, try the rural style of a simple wooden rod on ropes. It’s a very basic swing, and the easiest to assemble but takes the playful quotient of the room up by several notches.

Style and elegance

Being stylish does not require you to be stuffy. If you are looking to add a graceful yet lighthearted feel to the room, then a porch-style two-seater might be perfect. Go for wrought iron, cane or a lightweight wooden swing, pad it up with a bed, line it up with some small pillows or bolsters and you have a cosy two-seater for your living room. They are highly functional and can be upholstered in any way to suit the rest of your home.

You can also have a smaller-sized bubble swing chair set up in the corner, fluffed up with small pillows to function as a cosy nook to read a book or watch television.

The best part about both these types of swings is that they need not be hung from the ceiling as they come with a stand that can be placed on the floor. So, if you have low ceilings or don’t want to go to the trouble of attaching hooks swings with stands are the way to go.


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