Storage ideas for playroom

Our Top Storage Ideas for the Playroom

A clean and organised house with kids? Well, yes, it is possible! You will be surprised how easy and fun it is to create a functional playroom for kids with lots of storage space by repurposing common household items.

With these organisational tips, you can make the room kid-friendly and organised.

Use everyday kitchen items for storing toys

From using kitchen containers to storing small toys or using dish racks for storing books and magazines, kitchen items can come in really handy for creating a storage space in kids’ playroom.

Storage ideas for playroom

Use a vegetable storage rack for storing the ever-growing number of blocks and wooden toys. It is all about looking around your kitchen and being creative.

Wicker baskets are great for storage

Wicker baskets are classy and affordable and a great option for hiding toys and gadgets in the playroom.

Storage ideas for playroom

They are available in different shapes and sizes and are good for storing just anything. You can throw in a couple of baskets in the room each with a different storage purpose. Kids will find it convenient to just dump their toys and gadgets in the basket instead of arranging them on any shelf.

Hang wooden crates on the wall

We all have boxes and crates that we don’t need anymore.

Storage ideas for playroom

Recycle these old crates and attach them to the wall to create storage space for toys, books, and other accessories. To make them kid-friendly, paint them using bold colours or cover them using patterned wallpaper. You will be surprised at how much stuff these wooden crates can hold.

Attach wheels to under-bed drawers

It is no secret that the area under the bed is a great storage spot. Most parents choose a bed box, which is not too kid-friendly. It becomes a mess full of toys, clothes, and gadgets. And in most cases, kids need parental assistance to open these.

Storage ideas for playroom

Solve this problem by getting rid of bed boxes and opting for multiple under-bed drawers with wheels. Wheels will make them easier to operate even for kids and small sizes ensure that the things kept in them are well-organised.

Use small wall spaces to create a mini library

Instead of buying a full-fledged bookshelf, make use of the empty wall spaces by turning it into a mini library. Small wooden or iron ledges can be used to create a makeshift library that can keep the books within reach of the children.

Storage ideas for playroom

Use seating that can double-up as a storage area

For example, buy ottomans with storage capacity. They are great for storing toys and other items. These can be used for studying or for reaching out to things kept on the upper shelf.

Storage ideas for playroom

Use unlabelled baskets and bins

Make sure that you have easily accessible and unlabelled baskets and bins. DIY tutorials recommend labelling or putting pictures on all the storage bins so that children know where to keep what.

Well, that is easier said than done. It’s a task to put new labels every time a kid outgrows a toy. While it is convenient and good to label things everywhere else, not so much for the kid’s room

Now that you know the storage hacks for the playroom, keeping them organised and clutter-free would be easier.

The key is to make it a habit for children to keep the toys, books, and other items in their designated space one they are done using them.

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