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The Top 6 Tips to Create More Storage Space at Home

When space is at a premium, as it mostly is, and you still want your house to look dreamy, it can be a real challenge. But it’s not impossible. Don’t rue the fact that you have a small house. Celebrate it with these handy tips that can make your home more beautiful than it already is.

Furniture with inbuilt storage

One of the thumb rules of maximising space at home is to have furniture that also doubles up as storage. Get a double bed that has pull-out drawers underneath. They are undeniably useful to store all those heavy woollens, extra duvets, and pillows. Don’t leave the space above the bed empty too.

Fit it with a shelved headboard and even utilise the back of the headboard by inserting single drawers that can be slid out.

Declutter your living room with trendy ottomans that also have space inside to store small toys or notepads and pens. You can have a plush sofa that also has pull-outs underneath, or if you have a large bay window, make it a cosy space with a nice little ledge with drawers or shelves with doors underneath for storage.

Skinny spaces and narrow nooks

Awkward corners, too-tiny nooks, and narrow spaces are all too common in today’s apartments and houses. While they may seem a waste of space, they can really transform your home if utilised cleverly and with some creativity. Think roll-out shelves and pegboards.

The kitchen is often one of the more cramped spaces in the house. The solution to using every square feet available in the kitchen is utilising skinny roll-out pantry shelves. Empty space next to the fridge or between two cupboards? Get a multiple rack pantry shelf which can be moved into the space, and fill it with your spice bottles, pans, and utensils to your heart’s content. It’s magic on wheels.

Have a badly shaped nook or an odd-looking corner? Get a pegboard. They come in all sizes so you can fit it just right. Use it to hang tools or lighting or even some photo frames. Give the pegboard a lick of paint to make it look snazzy, and your little corner just went from useless to favourite!

Carve out recesses and niches

In most cases, it’s the protrusions like cabinets and shelves that take up space. How about doing away with them altogether? Utilise walls to the fullest extent by putting in niches that can tuck away those little travel curios unobtrusively. Shine a spotlight, and you can highlight your collector’s editions of books or action figures or perhaps those prized antique miniatures.

Scoop out niches with cupolas to add to the décor, and you can line display your heirloom cutlery or whiskey glass collection. Anything goes, and without taking up premium space!

Ever thought of knee wall storage? They are one of the most convenient means of storage if you have big spaces underneath stairways or sloping roofs. Coming up to knee height, they can be inserted into the wall, fitted with shelves, and even have doors attached for additional privacy, all blending neatly into the wall leaving your floor space intact.

Utilise doors – back and insides

Doors are precious real estate that many of us overlook. With just a handful of small accoutrements, your door can function as yet another cupboard. Get over-the-door hooks that can be used to hang wire baskets or mesh bags, which can hold clothes or accessories within easy reach. Use stacked hooks to hang multiple bags or scarves.

In the kitchen, utilise the insides of all cabinet doors by using S-shaped hooks to fix steel racks. These can hold anything from aluminium foil rolls to small cutlery to cleaning accessories. Is the side of the fridge empty? Use a plastic strip in the centre to hold multiple little baskets that can be filled with small dish towels, spice bottles or wine openers.

Overhead spaces

The least used space is sometimes the most useful if you get your creative juices flowing. Have a house with tall ceilings? Utilise that height by putting a running shelf in the kitchen or bedroom. Stack up old suitcases or boxes of toys or anything else that you wouldn’t need frequently.\

That empty space above doorways? Prime spots where you can fit in a couple of wooden shelves or wire racks! In a bathroom, they can be used to store extra cleaning or bathing supplies. Shrink wrap your duvets and other seasonal items, and some of them can easily fit into these racks placed above your bedroom door.

Empty walls and crates

Don’t leave the walls empty. If you have run out of design ideas and if you really are cramped for space, put them to good use. Blank walls and crates of all sizes and shapes go hand in hand in terms of both looks and storage. Get some small wooden crates and attach them to the wall of your bathroom, and you have trendy looking storage for your towels and soaps.

Keep them in the living room, and they hold not only curios but also a plant or two. Get hold of some plastic crates, paint them over, fix them in your bedroom, and they become an instant tie, belt or scarf organiser. You can even attach castors and use them as pull-out draws to be kept under the bed.


  1. I like what you said about how new spots in the cupboard can help with more space. I need much more space than that for my summer clothes. I’ll have to get a storage unit that is 8 by 9.

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