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The Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

The monochromatic colour palate, the all-white kitchen, and the open kitchen shelving, all these kitchen design trends that had been popular for several years are now finally out. 2019 will be more about ‘being real’ with an increased focus on ‘functionality’. While the picture-perfect aesthetics will be still desired, the newest design trends will be a little more layered, bold and inviting. 

Whether you are planning to entirely remodel your kitchen or get a simple refresh, there are tons of new kitchen trends to consider for 2019. At Roof and Floor, we spoke to some of the top interior designers and made a list for top 5 kitchen trends to expect in 2019:

No to Minimalism and a Big Yes to Functionality

Until past year, the trend was to go minimalistic.  From sticking to all-white hues to opting for open-shelves, interior designer’s main focus was to keep it sleek and simple. Thankfully, not anymore in 2019. Homemakers have shown an increased inclination towards better functionality, even if that requires adding few extra storage cabinets or an additional working platform. Open iron storage racks for quick and easy access to the most-used kitchen accessories or high chairs for some family time in the kitchen, 2019 is all about ease of access.

Dark Colours Are Making a Comeback

Homeowners have started to drift away from the traditional white, black or wooden hues and are adopting a bolder look with dark and contrasting colour palette.  When paired with gold or metallic hardware and fixtures, it makes the kitchen look way more vibrant and bright. Navy blue, rustic pink, forest green, blue, metallic silver as well as pure black are some of the kitchen paint colours that will be trendy in 2019.

Techie Fixtures and Digital Technology

Digital technologies and smart fixtures have become an integral part of our daily lives will largerly drive innovations in the kitchen in 2019. Homeowners are now designing kitchen to integrate specific digital appliances targeted to their needs. From having a wifi-enabled espresso makers to prepare your morning coffee at a stipulated time to installing smart switches that switch on and off the light as soon as you enter the kitchen, there are countless fancy-schmancy appliances that are making their way from the market to our kitchens.

No More Stand Alone Appliances

2018 paved the way to integrate kitchen appliances with the upholstery and 2019 will continue to see the integrations. Induction cooktops with their seamless look and easy operations have largely become popular.  Fridge, oven, dish-washer, and other appliances are now seamlessly integrated in the kitchen furniture. Showcasing appliances meant to be the face of the luxury a few years ago but not anymore. Seamless integration is the new face of luxury.

Mix and Match

Adding a personal touch to your home décor never goes out of style. Go bold and add unique juxtapositions to your kitchen décor. From kitchen cabinets to flooring, from chandelier lights to accessories, explore, experiment, and add a personized touch to your kitchen that will set you free from being trapped in a definitive décor style. Love colour, add a dash of blue with coloured high chairs. Love metals, go for metallic lights or rustic handles and bars for your kitchen cabinets. The beauty of mix and match is that it gives you a sense of freedom and convert your kitchen into a place you love to spend time at.


  1. There’s something about a San Diego kitchen remodel that always comes down to one important element the backsplash!

  2. Yes to functionality and white based theme with pastel color for my taste. Thank you for this guide even though it’s 2021 now. A beautifully laid-out interior design will stand for how many years or decades.

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