Furniture Trends 2019

The Top 5 Furniture Trends for 2019

Looking for tips to revamp your furniture in the new year? You have come to the right place! Giving your furniture a 360-degree makeover is like changing your wardrobe, where the old makes way for the new.

Here, we outline the top five furniture trends that are going to dominate in 2019.

The Return of Velvet

Remember those brightly coloured velvet sofas in your neighbour’s house during the 1980s? Well, they are making a comeback. But velvet is tacky no more. This tactile and plush fabric is all set to adorn couches, chairs, and a number of other pieces in 2019. Velvet sofas and armchairs in luxurious blues or blacks are just the things for a sleek living room while a headboard upholstered in rich jewel-toned velvet will give your bedroom a sophisticated twist.

Feeling intimidated by the idea of large swathes of velvet? How about adding a small touch with small pillows or cushions for the futon in the balcony?

Tailoring Your Furniture to You

Customising furniture can sound time-consuming and expensive, but it need not be so. The presence of very helpful furniture companies online and offline has made picking the right colours and textures for your furniture a joy to do. Moreover, it is so much better than having an off-the-rack, store-bought set that will resemble a few hundred others!

Try assembling your own set by experimenting with different finishes, textiles, and styles, and you would be amazed at the results. Wouldn’t you love to wear clothes that are tailored to fit your unique curves? Don’t deny your home the same happiness!

Flexible Furniture

Furniture that can bend, fold or expand is no longer synonymous with small apartments. In short, furniture that has multiple functions is on their way to the top of the popularity charts as more people realise their value. Not only are they high on practicality but they also look chic and trendy.

Don’t stop your imagination at sofa beds or pull-out chairs. Ottomans that contain storage space, banquettes and beds with storage underneath, and cabinets that double up as kitchen islands are just a few of them.

Peace out with Wabi Sabi

Your furniture need not be coordinated. There, now you can heave a sigh of relief! Wabi sabi is the art of accepting flaws and imperfections, and incorporating them into your life. It’s an ancient Japanese philosophy, which involves forming deep connections with yourself and your surroundings by accepting things the way they are.

When it comes to your furniture, that means you no longer have to go hunting for that perfect little centre table or that exact shade of green to match your couch to the walls. This ties in with the trend for customisation as well as there is a renewed focus on function and usage. Wabi sabi furniture is made of natural elements and sport earthy hues.

Have a mishmash of chairs that seem unholy in their varying sizes, materials, and colours? They will now blend in perfectly in your minimal yet warmly styled living room. Slightly wrinkled sheets, a casually draped throw or a carpet that is a completely different shade are all welcome in the wabi sabi design world along with the natural flaws that are a feature of handcrafted textiles and furniture.

Naturally Earthy

There’s a huge movement seen towards sustainable and natural materials this year as we increasingly look to our roots to simplify our frenetic lives. That means indigenous materials and rural crafts are going to see a huge boost. Handcrafted embroidery, beading work on textiles, brass decorative items, and jute carpets are going to meld with the natural and muted tones that homes will feature this year.


  1. Swati Nair, this is a really nice effort. I liked the images you have shared too as they give a better picture of what you are explaining. I think it is a great idea to have flexible and customised furniture for homes. I also liked your suggestion on Wabi Sabi settings.

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