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The Top 5 Furniture Recommendations Straight from Pepperfry

Buying a home is just the beginning. Furnishing it is often just as stressful! But online portals such as Pepperfry are looking to make the process less stressful.

Started in 2012, Pepperfry is the brainchild of Ashish Shah and Ambareesh Murty. Those were the days when buying furniture online was practically unheard of. Over the next five years, Pepperfry evolved into one of India’s leading marketplaces for furniture and home décor products.

RoofandFloor had an opportunity to have an exclusive conversation with Arshi Mukri, Interior Design Expert at Pepperfry. She shared her bespoke furniture recommendations for our readers. Arshi also revealed a few seamless décor hacks to keep up with the latest interior trends.

Luxuriant lounges

These days, different people have different preferences when it comes to adoring the essential area of their home- the living room. While some prefer their living and dining spaces to be separate, some like a combination of the two.

Either way, the trend of accent furniture is flourishing. Gone are the days when it was all about matching your furniture sets to get your décor right. Today, accent furniture includes:

  • Statement sofas
  • Wing chairs
  • Quirky coffee tables

furniture recommendations

Larger families, in particular, use coffee table sets that come with elegant and comfortable pouffes. Illuminate your hallways with consoles, antique décor, and eclectic wall mirrors.

Captivating chambers

Along with the look of the bedroom, equal preference is being given to ample storage. Buyers prefer solid wood furniture with high-end durability.

furniture recommendations

Spacious beds with in-built pull-out drawers are considered to be convenient. Also, two-seater sofas are trending, along with coffee tables for bedrooms with attached balconies.

Compact chiffoniers

There are many who still love the idea of a separate dressing area while a few combine the same with their bedroom.

If you belong to the latter category, a mirror on the chest of drawers can serve the purpose just fine.

Additionally, as storage is the key, modular sliding wardrobes that come with full-length mirrors are becoming the talk of the town.

Chic cookhouses

The inclination towards modular and open-plan kitchen designs is increasing every day with space requirements at the fore. Vibrant colours are preferred along with vintage lighting and garden windows.

High-rise breakfast counters and sleek shelves are essential components of this design.

furniture recommendations

Furniture here is expected to be multifunctional. Thus, closed cabinets that also serve as counters are trending over classic trolleys while iconic bar stools retain their evergreen sheen.

Dainty dinettes

Mixing and matching is the upscale trend in homes that have independent dining spaces. Straight line furniture, paired with a few whimsical pieces, let the area exude that desired appeal.

Rectangular dining, low back chairs, and snug cushions are in vogue these days.

furniture recommendations

Riveting reading rooms

As comfort matters the most, cosy loungers, sturdy desks, and intricate bookshelves are options worth exploring. These will ensure that your personal library stands out and exhibits the congeniality you wanted.

furniture recommendations


  1. I really like all of the pictures that you have here of the furniture. I would probably go with something like you have in the second picture as I really like the way the furniture goes with the room. I’ll probably have to explore some other options as I know that there are many different things I can go with.

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