Small Balcony Ideas

The Top 10 Gorgeous Ideas to Decorate Your Small Balcony

While we all have our unique perceptions of what our homes should be like, most of us would agree on one factor – we would love to have a balcony. Some of us go a step further and imagine the balcony, big or small, being a space that can be converted to serve various purposes.

A relaxing space, a mini-garden, a book nook, and many more. The best part? The balcony can be completely independent of the home decor, which makes it a veritable playground for design. We urge you to stop dreaming and make it a reality with our ten gorgeous ideas on decorating your balcony and owning it completely!

Cafe with a view

Does your balcony overlook a garden below? Or does it have a view of a pond nearby? It really doesn’t matter. If your balcony has a view that is worth spending even a few minutes on it, then why not have a coffee while at it?

Small Balcony Ideas Wooden Table

Put in a trendy wooden table along with two chairs, place some flowers along the sides and a small lantern, and you have your own mini cafe. Soak in those sunny mornings with the paper and your breakfast outside, and enjoy the warmth of home and sunshine.

Add a twist – Want something more suitable for wine and cheese evenings? Add a tangle of Edison bulbs and see your balcony come alive!

Book nook

Reading is a calming activity and setting the stage for it is essential. Your balcony can be perfect for this. Add some floating shelves or if you have space then a floor to ceiling bookshelf where you can indulge in some therapeutic tsundoku.

A bean bag with a low ottoman for your feet and a literary or cinematic poster or two along the walls would create a cosy nook to get in some uninterrupted reading.

Add a twist – Throw in a shaggy rug, and you can stretch out on the floor any time you feel like ‘sinking’ into the book more.

Solitude and meditation

Coming home after a stressful day at work to a spot of peace can be a boon. And your balcony can be that spot where you can shut out the world for some time to gather your thoughts.

Small Balcony Ideas

Think slow dimming string lights, wind chimes, corners filled with scented candles and fluffy pillows. Kick back into that small size rocking chair with a cup of hot chocolate, settle into those soft cushions for a bit of meditation, or just gaze at the stars from a telescope.

Add a twist – Decorate your balcony with small inspirational quotes to enhance the atmosphere.

Your mini gym

Apartment too cramped for your bodyweight routines? That’s what your balcony is for.

Small Balcony Ideas

Get some funky bamboo shades for privacy, your dumbbells, and an exercise mat, and you are all set. Or maybe you could tone up with a speed bag or a pull-up bar that hardly takes up any space but are great accessories to have. Pump up the mood by fixing small speakers in the corners for some fast music to egg you on.

Add a twist – Get an exercise ball that can serve as your workout accessory and double up as a seat.

Lung space

Don’t let the gardener in you wilt away because you are in a small apartment. A balcony can be the perfect space to make your roses bloom or your sunflowers smile. If space is really a premium, then a wooden board against the wall with hooks to hang potted plants might be more suitable. You could also get baskets to hang from the balcony railing.

Small Balcony Ideas

If you have a slightly bigger balcony, you could also consider having a kitchen garden. How does the idea of popping out from your kitchen to pluck some herbs, mint, and maybe even tomatoes and chillies from your own garden sound? Mix it up with some sweet looking indoor plants, a small waterfall accessory to emulate the sound of flowing water, and some spot lighting.

Add a twist – Convert the balcony floor into a lawn with some artificial turf, and it’s all set for a picnic at any time!

Vintage style

Fancy jazz and cocktails? Ramp up your style and get some friends over for cocktail party nights on your balcony. Set it up with a vintage look that harks back to old French jazz clubs. Or perhaps you prefer a Downton Abbey-esque style with an elegant chandelier.

Hook up a retro turntable and a set of cool vinyls. Get a bottle rack and some glasses. Throw in a small chaise longue if you have space along with a round table to put those delicious amuse bouches on.

Add a twist – Wall sconces would be a nice touch as would be a bunch of pillar or tapered candles along the floor or on low candlestands.

Cultural themes

Very often we fall in love with a place so much that we wish to have more of it long after the vacation has ended. The best way to do that is through your decor. Fell in love with the bold, rustic hues of Italian villages? Or the alluring colours of the Middle East and India? Choose your favourite theme and set up your balcony with little mementos and bric-a-bracs from your travels.

Go for a colour theme. Perhaps the blues of Chefchaouen? Or the pinks of Jaipur? Divans or futons with mirror work bedspreads, richly coloured glass lamps, and comfy bolsters are all great ways to get a culture right.

Add a twist – Add some linen or lace curtains, depending on the decor, and get some ornate curtain holders to add to the style.

Reflect your attitude

Would you consider yourself a traditionalist? Or a free spirit? A diplomatic mix, perhaps. Whatever you are, your balcony can be a reflection of it.

From classic black and white to bohemian jumbles a balcony can carry off anything. If you are a liberal, add a mirror on one side to give the illusion of space. Or keep aside a portion of the floor and fill it with pebbles or sand to walk on for the young at heart.

Add a twist – Hang a small blackboard and write your own thoughts or quotes of the day.

Music and BBQ

There is no doubt that good music and a good BBQ are inseparable. If you are a lover of both, then don’t wait.

Get a balcony-size Weber in right away and start cooking up a storm. Let the grill be the centrepiece and allow your friends and family to mill around to create a convivial atmosphere. Keep it spare with maybe just a diner-style banquette and let the conversation flow.

Add a twist – Keep a foldable table attached to the wall or the railing so that you can use it as and when people need it.

Staycation friendly

Leave your balcony open to possibilities in this one. Why scramble and spend a ton of money on a last minute weekend getaway when you can get away in your own house? If the intention is not to visit a new place, then your house can be that oasis that you are looking for.

String up a hammock, get your cocktail or iced tea, and read a book. If you have an open balcony and the weather is great, then get the hammock out of the way and get your sleeping bags out to sleep under the stars. Light some lanterns and listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood. Before you know it, your balcony will become your favourite spot in the house.

Add a twist – For closed balconies, you can recreate open skies by putting star and moon decals on the ceiling.

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