Exterior Wall Designs

Top 10 Exterior Wall Designs

You probably have seen homes like these. A stunning façade that makes you stop in your tracks and have a second look? While we focus a lot on the interiors, ensuring that your home blends well with the surroundings can make a good home look great.

Designing the exterior of a home is more complicated than decorating the interiors. While you have scope to experiment in interior decoration, you are limited in what you can do to make the exterior of your house stand out. But don’t allow that to deter you. You can follow some of these design tips to create that stunning façade we spoke about.

Use spray paint

Spray paint is quite popular these days, and you can use its versatility to deck up the exteriors of your house.

Exterior Wall Designs

Look at the exterior wall as your blank canvas and explore your creativity with the help of spray paint. You can get excellent design ideas online. Make use of multiple colours for designs that reflect your personality. And the best part? Playing with spray paint is a lot of fun.

Use wood

Regardless of the way your house is constructed, you can never go wrong with wood as décor! There is something about wood that can accentuate the look and beauty of almost any home. And such wall designs can be affordable too!

Exterior Wall Designs

You can choose to convert the exterior into a wooden wall or simply highlight it with some wooden patterns. We suggest taking the help of a professional designer. You can also check this Pinterest page for some amazing wall décor ideas.

Use a combination of wall paints

How do you decide which is the right colour for your external walls? Should you go bold or stick to basic? The choice of colour here is vital because, if done correctly, it will not only hide flaws but will also add to the charm of the home.

Exterior Wall Designs

A safe and practical approach to colour selection is to create a contrast with two shades that are either from the same colour strip or are contrasting. For example, you can paint your front porch a bright white and contrast it with dark and light shades.

Be creative with the door

A magnificent door can do wonders to your exterior décor. Choose an intricately carved wooden door or choose a heavy rustic metal door.

Exterior Wall Designs

In addition to a beautiful door, you can add a lot of other accessories like door knobs, door knockers, and door kick plates. Smart lighting and the creative use of plants and rugs can increase the appeal of your home’s entryway.

Go green

You can use the power of green to decorate your exterior. A huge vase filled with colourful flowers and house plants will add beauty to your home with its natural appeal and charm. Add some pumice stones to give it a garden-like feel.

Exterior Wall Designs

Add vertical gardens

You don’t have enough space to keep huge vases or flower pots? Don’t worry! You can decorate your outer wall with vertical gardens. Fighting the space crunch, these gardens grow vertically on the wall towards the roof. Vertical gardens are cheap and easy to grow and maintain as well.

Exterior Wall Designs

Try some lights

Proper lighting not only provides safety but adds appeal. Apart from the regular lighting fixtures near the entryway and garage doors, you can also play around with lighting designs.

Exterior Wall Designs

Stick to designs that reflect your home’s style. For example, a traditionally designed home will look great with lantern-style chandeliers hanging neatly at the entryway. Similarly, angular steel lights will accentuate the appeal of a modern home. If there are steps leading to your home, you can light them up for a welcoming nighttime feel.

Use fences

Full floral fences can be quite a treat for the eyes! Creating floral fences is a simple, practical and affordable way of beautifying the exterior of your house without putting in too much effort. Once created, fences can last years with regular maintenance.

Exterior Wall Designs

Become an artist

If your house features modern architecture with a low roof and big glass doors and windows, abstract metal art will add the needed contemporary touch to your exterior walls. Shop around in antique shops or even online for some funky pieces that can enhance the look of your home.

Exterior Wall Designs

Try vintage accessories

If you are someone who is fond of birds or other animals, you will love the idea of hanging a birdhouse on your house’s exterior wall. A birdhouse looks amazing and adds a beautiful, vintage touch to your exterior wall.

Exterior Wall Designs

So, there you have it. Some of our best ideas on making your house exterior stand out. Do you have any to add to this list?


  1. Of all the tips shared, be creative with the door is interesting. The door can highlight the exterior design whatever color the wall possessed. Thank you for the tips.

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