Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

5 Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

It’s that time of the year again. It’s the season of laughter, and fun as one festival after another rolls in and the celebrations continue non-stop until New Year. This is the time when proud homeowners are at their busiest, decorating their homes, and planning warm gatherings with family and friends.

Dussehra and Navratri herald the beginning of the festival season and are primarily associated with the triumph of light over darkness with the victory of Rama over Ravana. We are buzzing with ideas to make your home ready for Dussehra.

Here are a few tips that will help you gear up for the celebrations.

Clean, declutter, rearrange

Ok, you don’t have to follow Marie Kondo’s time-consuming method. However, decluttering our houses is a necessary step. It is the first step towards bringing in the light. Literally. Re-discover the pristine white floor under the heap of toys or the beautiful blue of bedspreads under the clothes strewn around, and you begin to feel some anxiety slipping away.

Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

Clean homes exude the right energies and positive vibes for the festival season. Sort out clothes you haven’t worn for years and give them to charity. Dust all the corners, mop the floors clean, and maybe even rearrange the furniture. Don’t you feel lighter already? 

Welcoming fresh beginnings

Dussehra symbolises new beginnings, and there is nothing better than fresh flowers and plants to emphasise that in your home. Hang flower streamers at the front door and inside the house. Line the corners of the house with flower garlands in different colours.

Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

Get a bunch of flowers and put them in vases and let a few of them float in large bowls of water. You could place these near the entrance and in the centre of the living room to create a welcoming ambience.

Ushering in the light

What is Dussehra without lights! But unlike Diwali, you can go easy on the lighting during Dussehra. The soft glow of small, painted candles is perfect for eliminating shadows and adding a touch of warmth and gentleness to the atmosphere.

Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

String lights are always a winner and can be hung across hallways, wrapped around pillars, or draped over bushes in the garden. Want to add an edgy, contemporary look? Hang Edison bulbs or colourful Chinese lanterns in the living room, and even the terrace or porch to enhance the levity!

Redefine by reusing

Have unused saris in your wardrobe? Or old dupattas? Dussehra is the time to bring them out! Some of those glorious silk saris or delicate printed dupattas with their vibrant hues can add vibrancy to Dussehra celebrations like no other.

Hang them like curtains across doorways and tuck them behind holdbacks to create grand-looking entrances. Drape them over bannisters and railings.

Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

Arrange them around the base of large flower pots and line up a few scented tea candles to highlight the zari or intricate threadwork. Saris and dupattas are perfect to create a traditional yet unique decor.

Traditional crafts and DIY artworks

Indian decorative items like terracotta painted dolls, brass lamps, and wooden or coir handicrafts are great to make your Dussehra a more classic affair. You might have a Tanjore painting, or an ornate urli tucked away in storerooms for want of space. The festival season provides you with an ideal opportunity to display them. 

Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

Feel nimble enough with your fingers?

Make your Dussehra personalised with your own artwork and have a go at some DIY craftwork. Involve the kids and make colourful collages that tell the story of Dussehra or polish your rusty origami skills to whip up some deft paper artwork!

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