5 Simple Tips to Decorate Your Kids Room

Need a makeover for the kids’ room? If you have been putting it off contemplating the costs involved, then worry not! Not all re-styling efforts need to cost the earth. You can easily decorate your child’s room with simple tweaks and additions that are pocket-friendly and yet create a style impact. 

We know that no matter what age your kids are decorating is a daunting task. But worry not! In this post, we give you some unique ideas and tips to decorate your kids’ room with the right balance of design and function. 

Mid and high sleeper beds 

Decorating a child’s room is not limited to picking out colours for the walls. Space is often a premium, and it helps if you can meld furniture with the decor to flow with the rest of the room.

5 Simple Tips to Decorate Your Kids Room

Mid and high sleeper beds are high on practicality as well as appearance. Not only do they offer expansive storage space below but also look modern and trendy in a child’s bedroom. Pair it with appropriate furnishings like a rainbow coloured rug or animal-themed wallpaper and the room will pop with vibrancy.

Chalkboard wall

Isn’t it tiring to stop your creative child from using the walls as their canvas? The solution is simple. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, adding a chalkboard wall is the easiest way to liven up the kids’ room.

5 Simple Tips to Decorate Your Kids Room

Being extremely versatile, it can act as a board for all those cute doodles, inspiring quotes, to-do lists, and reminders, among other things. A chalkboard wall will be a very welcome addition as it will encourage the children to express their creativity and be the perfect background for activities and group games. 

Toy stories

Toys are unavoidable when you have kids, and one of the most significant issues that crop up is that of storage. Even after you give away a lot of toys, there never seems to be enough space to accommodate the rest. But just like the mid and high sleeper beds, you can easily make toys a part of the room’s decoration. 

5 Simple Tips to Decorate Your Kids Room

Ever considered vintage toys? A rocking horse can flawlessly be a part of any child’s room and continue to be a source of entertainment through their growing years. That mini toy car that your kids once drove around? Simply give it a fresh lick of paint and preserve it as a sweet reminder of their childhood. Creating open shelves and hanging items that indicate your child’s interest from the ceiling, like a miniature aeroplane or a surfboard, will also add immeasurable charm to the room.

Making space for individuality

Siblings are always a joy to have. But not when they need to share a room! The fights for space, storage, and toys are inevitable, and as the kids grow older, their individuality will become stronger. Giving kids their own space need not be an expensive affair. 

5 Simple Tips to Decorate Your Kids Room

One way to do that, as well as add to the decoration in the room, would be to create a partition between two beds. Cheerful, bright and themed curtains on ceiling-mounted rods would do the trick very well. Or how about placing a large bookcase or a dresser in the middle? You can even reuse old dupattas or saris to make your own personalised screens and gather them with curtain holdbacks during the day to lend an elegant feel.

Flexible decoration

Children’s hobbies, interests, and thoughts are always evolving. That means frequent changes in their preferences. Keeping up with them through their room decor is easy enough if you target flexible items. 

5 Simple Tips to Decorate Your Kids Room

Duvets and bedspreads, for instance, can be changed every few years to reflect your child’s interest at any given time. Is she enamoured by astronauts? Get a dark blue bedspread and matching duvet covers with a space theme. Is he interested in music? How about music-themed removable wall decals? Don’t forget other items like shelves, lamps, and wallpaper, all of which can be interchanged with little effort to keep the kids’ room looking new and in step with changing interests. 

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