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How to Create the Perfect Book Nook with These Handy Tips

At the end of a busy day, a book nook is the perfect place to relieve the stress of the day and immerse yourself in the world of books. A reading nook is the spot to unwind, relax, and spend some ‘me’ time while sipping a cup of warm tea.

Having a cosy reading spot where you can get away from everyone is like having a little retreat in the warmth of your home.

Today, we have curated seven tips to create just the perfect book nook at home:

Comfort is the key

While looks matter, it is the comfort that takes the major preference when selecting the furniture for your book nook. An awesome-looking vintage chair is of no use if your back hurts after a few minutes of sitting.

Everyone has their own definition of comfort and when purchasing furniture for your book nook, take a moment to think about how you want your comfy chair to be. Do you want to be able to curl your legs or you want a straight back? Do you want to put your arms on the armrest? Select a chair accordingly.

And don’t forget a place for your feet too! Consider getting pouffes or an ottoman where you get to stretch your legs after a likely day of a desk job.

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Right lighting is vital

Correct lighting is very important when setting up a reading corner. Instead of going for an illumination lamp, add a table lamp or floor lamp that can illuminate the specific area and help in easy reading. A light with multiple brightness settings for both daytime and nighttime reading is a great idea.

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If you are able to set the book corner close to the window and get some natural lighting for daytime reading that is an added bonus.

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A table is a must

A reading corner can easily double up as a writing area too! Sometimes, you may wish to write an email or may get inspired to do some writing of your own.

Putting a small table near your comfy chair for creative writing or just for taking post-reading notes is a good idea. The table will also come handy to hold your cup of coffee, drink or snacks as well.

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Cosy it up

When it’s raining outside, there is nothing better than a cosy blanket to add warmth to your reading area.

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A fluffy cushion to provide the needed back support or a feather pillow that hugs your back can be an amazing addition. Not to forget a soft rug to provide comfort to your feet! Remember, the corner is meant not only for reading a book but also to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Floor space is important

There are days when you would like to lie down on the floor with your book. Therefore, having a floor space in the reading area is extremely important. Plan your furniture in a way that you always save floor space for those carpet-reading sessions.

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Now that you are done, it is time to pick up your favourite book and start reading it.

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