Timeless Home Decorating Tips

The Top 5 Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Trends are elusive. Yet, they are constant like change. But if you are aiming for an ageless style for your home, then the first rule of thumb is not to follow trends. Similar to traditions that are carried on through the ages, some designs endure the test of time. Interior designers consider them as their standards as these old faithfuls can effortlessly transform any room giving it an appeal that outlasts new age trends.

One of the keys to achieving an elegant and timeless look is to go minimal. Uncomplicated layouts and skipping the ornate detailing in many cases are two of the essential touchstones of classic designs and also makes it easier to rearrange or repaint your home when you want to hit refresh.

We let you in on five of our top styling secrets that you can easily follow to get that classic look for your home.

Fall in line with symmetry

Clean lines and shapes are two elemental design principles that appeal to everyone. Together, they create a beautiful visual effect and when done right gives rise to symmetry. It makes a room aesthetically pleasing, bringing a sense of balance and makes everything look like they have just “fallen” into place. That’s why lines and symmetry go hand-in-hand and is the go-to option for anyone who is looking to give a timeless style to their house.

Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Designers employ symmetry to lend a seamless look to the room. That means buying items in pairs, matching colours and sizes or following a particular theme in the room. Mixing up colours in a room might give an eclectic feel but following a colour scheme makes the room elegant and easy on the eye.

It’s not hard to imagine the effect of a room done up in muted whites and creams with matte finished furnishings and just a splash of reds or blues to liven it up. The image gets better when you put in matching pairs of floor lamps in the corners, cushions on the couch, and a bookshelf that is thoughtfully organised to meld with the rest of the room.

Following the patterns of tradition

The realisation of a clean and classic design is highly dependent on traditional patterns. They accentuate the presence of well thought out hues and form a perfect backdrop for the rest of the decor in the room. Using time-tested patterns like stripes or checks in the furnishing would add a dash of vigour against a background of neutral tones and liven it up.

Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Don’t shy away from using Mediterranean or European-themed designs. Putting in those classical Greek geometric patterns, simple Mediterranean curlicues or traditional Indian paisleys would add a touch of refined worldliness to the decor.

Using natural and durable materials like brick, stone, and wood, which have been staples through centuries also help in transforming the room into an elegant one.

Feel natural

Just as natural materials enhance a room’s agelessness so does the furnishing. In fact, it’s the fabric and textures that perfectly complement and balance natural materials.

Think throws, bolsters, rugs or curtains in warm blues, greens, and greys to make the space pop and lend a cosy feel. Paired with neutral coloured walls and floors the room would simply look stunning.

Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Don’t forget about textures too. A room can appear cold and harsh or inviting depending on the textures you use. Soft wool, comfortable cotton, and soft linens can create a happy and fuzzy atmosphere in the room.

Even wallpaper can make a difference. Going for deep, but not necessarily dark, hues with luxurious undertones and soothing patterns that are not busy will heighten the atmosphere in the room.

The importance of furniture

Furniture is another important element that can make or break a classic decor. Going for simple and long-standing designs will ensure that you have rooms that age gracefully. The key to choosing furniture that blends with any trend and style is to focus on function.

Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Sink-in armchairs, comfy sofas, and a couple of ottomans are more than enough to energise the space. Perhaps you could go for antique, solid pieces too, which will lean more towards a retro yet timeless look.

The art of art

Art has always been a dependable accessory. Add a painting or a pretty piece of sculpture, and even the drabbest of rooms will cheer up.

Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Try a blend of contemporary and classic pieces to complement and widen the spectrum of the palette used in the rest of the room. Black and white photography, vivid paintings, and other artsy handicrafts can readily balance a room’s vintage tables or antique grandfather clock. Art cannot be completely matched to the interiors. Instead, using art that is more with the times is what gives the room a completely timeless feel.

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