The 5 Best Products for Your Newborn from Zoey

Being a new parent is not easy. Being a parent anytime is not easy! There’s just so much to take on board that those early months can be as daunting as they are joyous.

Well, not anymore!

Zoey, a start-up, is helping new-age parents stay one step ahead of their baby’s needs by offering quilts, swaddles, baby bedding sets, and even cotton toys.

Zoey is infusing a fresh lease of life to several homes, and we had an opportunity to have an exclusive tête-à-tête with Pooja Agarwal, Founder.

Tell us about your journey. What was that turning point in your life when you decided to venture into the world of baby products?

Well, it’s an interesting story.

I was struggling to find desirable baby bedding with aesthetics matching my taste and budget. And my mother-in-law’s skills in creating unusual items helped me explore this niche segment of baby bedding. And that’s how Zoey was born in February 2016.

The initial days

ZoeyI began by exploring baby bedding from the perspective of new parents and their requirements. I interacted with a number of parents and friends and collected feedback.

While doing the research, I figured out that the dominating brands in the market offer limited options and at an exorbitant price.

Continuous interaction made me realise that the baby products category needs a final solution as there’s a huge demand for safe and affordable products.

Thus, our core focus was on offering new and unique products at a reasonable price.

Our first launch

Since the market was flooded with new-age toys, we began by launching our exclusive range of traditional cotton toys. The quirkiness of these toys very soon attracted many.

Gradually, we expanded our catalogue from quilts to swaddles to baby carriers and bedding sets.

Today, we have our own manufacturing unit, and we also provide customisation services.

The next big goal

Our next goal is to offer an exciting shopping experience through our website. We also plan to expand our reach through other trusted e-commerce platforms in the baby bedding segment.

We are striving to become a brand that resonates with the sensibilities and expectations of new-age parents.

What keeps you motivated in your business?

The Instagram community has been really loving and has accepted the brand with open arms. They have shown tremendous faith in our work and have spread the good word around.

The encouragement and positive feedback from new mothers have been really overwhelming.

What is your market differentiator?

From the very beginning, we were determined to offer premium quality products at a reasonable price.

We never went by the market standards of keeping the baby bedding segment niche and overpriced. We have constantly tried our best to cut down costs at all levels to offer the best prices.

We also offer customisations, which allow our customers to get the product tailormade as per their specifications.

What are those five traditional things at Zoey that you would recommend?

Baby carrier nest – It aids in holding a newborn with ease and provides adequate warmth. Made of 100% cotton, it comes in very handy to carry the baby around at home or while travelling.

Quilts – Our quilts combine the vintage legacy of hand quilting with fresh contemporary prints. These are perfect for moderate temperatures and can be used throughout the year.


Muslin swaddle set – Our swaddles are made of organic muslin, which is an open weave fabric that increases breathability and regulates temperature.


Bedding set – Our bedding set includes a soft mattress, quilt, bolsters, and a pillow. We also ensure the sizes of our mattress and quilt are big enough to accommodate the rapid changes in growth that babies go through.


Cotton toys – We are in awe of our collection of cotton stuffed toys. They are simply unique and very safe for the baby to play with. Be it a pirate, a mermaid, a unicorn, or a bunny – these toys are adorable and offer great company to the little ones.


Your advice to our readers.

Great quality products don’t always have to be expensive. Try our products and get wonderstruck!

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