Summer Affair During Home Quarantine

Summer Affair During Home Quarantine

2020 is carving out newer trends of spending time at home while trying to stay cocooned and safe in the current times. To bring an exciting twist to your everyday stay at home, here are a few tips to give your home a quick makeover this summer.

Bring vacation vibes home 

Are you missing your summer getaway farmhouse? Is beach or hillside staycation calling you out? If the answer is yes, then we have got you sorted with an easy-breezy way of bringing vacation vibes at home. 

Opting for a wooden overhaul refreshes your room with its natural essence. 

Adorn your accents, sofa covers, and cushions in the white shade to invite as much light into the room as possible. Now, all you need is your delicious summer mocktail to relish your vacation time at home.

Summer Affair During Home Quarantine

Decorate your ‘spot’ 

We all have a favourite spot at home that just gives us immense comfort and happiness. Such corners can play a significant role in unwinding you from a hectic work from home yet recharge you for days ahead. Therefore, it’s important to keep it clean and summer-ready. 

Place a bean bag or a single mattress along with floral patterned cushions to weave an exotic abode.

Summer Affair During Home Quarantine

You can also make the best out of waste by re-vamping an old suitcase as a table or storage for your fun activities.

Summer Affair During Home Quarantine

A refreshing workstation 

Who said you cannot enjoy summer while working at home? You can effortlessly replicate this season’s liveliness and vibrancy around your work desk at home. 

Summer Affair During Home Quarantine

Start with mixing playful pastel hues like pale pink, dark sea green and moonstone blue to introduce a new life to your working area. When these shades are used against laminate walls, its light brown shade beautifully accentuates those pops of colour. 

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