Harnessing solar energy for sustainable power

The electricity shortage in the country can scarcely be ignored. In fact, it was a prime electoral issue in the last national polls. As of 2014, India was still seeing close to 2,000 to 3,000 hours of power cuts per year. Plenty of citizens are choosing to harness solar energy to make up for the shortfall in power or replace usual sources of electricity altogether. As home owners, you can take a key decision to harness the sun’s rays and run your home on solar power. There are many different solar harnessing products available today.

Here are some solutions you can consider for your home.

Rooftop solar power plants

Rooftop solar power plants are a good option to power your home. They are cost effective, environmentally friendly and fuss-free in terms of installation.

Solar water heaters

Water geysers guzzle a lot of electricity – instead, you can choose solar water heaters to heat domestic water. The system involves a storage tank above the solar collectors on the roof. You have the choice between commercial or small scale domestic models.

Solar power generators

Solar generators are great as backup sources of power. They are economical and portable and can generate up to 1,800W of household power when required. It doesn’t require fuel and produces no pollutants in the process.

Solar UPS

Households, smaller offices, schools and colleges can benefit from installing a solar UPS system. These systems can be customized to fit specific requirements and are very economical. Solar panels keep the battery in these UPS systems charged.

Solar inverter 

To combat power outages, a solar inverter is a good idea. They are available in a wide range of capabilities, are easily installable and indeed quite economical.

Solar chimney 

Solar chimneys are an interesting way to cool your home. The hot air formed by the solar chimney moves upwards and out, creating low pressure within the house. This way, cool air moves from outdoors to indoors.

Outdoor solar lighting 

Gardens and porticoes can be lit up using outdoor solar lighting. Available in various styles and designs, they are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible all at once.

Solar electronic appliances 

Apart from the devices mentioned above, small solar powered household appliances are also available. Whether it is a juicer, cooker or a water pump, you can find alternatives to the usual electricity-intensive options. In fact, lamps and lanterns are also available widely for purchase.

When it comes to solar appliances, it is best to assess your exact requirements and do research before purchasing.

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