Small Decor Changes That Make A Big Impact

Home Decor Inspiration: Small Decor Changes That Make A Big Impact

Heard of the saying “small is big?” This is very true when it comes to home decor too! Small touch-ups and renovations can leave a big impact, overhauling the look and feel of the room. Homeowners baulk at making decor changes thinking of the expenses involved. But updating your home decor in small ways is needed from time to time.

So, how can you go about achieving the seemingly impossible – revamp your home in a way that doesn’t cost the earth? All it needs is a little patience and a keen eye!

Take a look at our expert tips and get started on your home decor soon!

Touches of paint

We agree. A painting job can slice away a good chunk from your bank account. But how about adding little touches here and there? Accent walls may be an outdated trend now, but they continue to achieve their purpose successfully – to cheer up the room.

If your walls look tired in their neutrals or if the blues and greens are fading, give them a foil. Put up a busy wallpaper that makes a statement. Pick out textured paints that will complement your existing colours as well as add dynamism to your room.

Small Decor Changes That Make A Big Impact

Better still, consider blackboard paint for that much sought-after Instagrammable wall. You don’t have to section off an entire wall for this. Even a small corner will do. Converting a little slice of your wall to a blackboard can stimulate the energy in the room as it invites people to come and engage.

Use it for everything from putting up your thought-for-the-day to grocery checklists to letting your child scribble with abandon, and you will see the transformation in the room!

Working in new furnishing

Changing entire furniture sets can make a dent in your pocket. But changing a rug here or pillow there will not. Style does not always need money. All it needs is something as simple as swapping out cushion covers.

Mix up not just the colours but also the textiles. Mix linen with some raw silk or jute with bamboo, for instance, to give an earthy and natural vibe. Change the way your bedroom looks by adding colour to the pillowcases. Or add a couple of tiny cushions to add a dash of vibrancy.

Small Decor Changes That Make A Big Impact

Similarly, revamp your sofa or armchair in the living room by draping the ever-useful throw. If you don’t have a small rug yet under your coffee table then pick out some tones that will blend in with the existing decor and yet be bright enough to stand out.

The magic of lampshades

Lighting is a significant component in building the atmosphere in a room. They are also a big part of the decor, and their presence or absence can create a noticeable difference. There’s nothing better than cheerful lampshades to reinfuse your decor with some joy. If you already have floor lamps in the living room or the bedroom, switch out the lampshades to ones with different colours to achieve a striking visual effect. Replace mellow colours with brighter ones to shift the mood in the room.

Small Decor Changes That Make A Big Impact

You could also switch the lighting to the smart LED lamps that come with an array of colours, which enable you to match the vibe in the room.

Integrate more of nature indoors

Decorating with natural elements always gives you the flexibility to be innovative.  Placing large, leafy indoor plants in the living room and small herb pots on the kitchen window sill are quite common. But there’s more you can do with plants that will imbue your home with new vitality. After all, plants always bring in a breath of fresh air (pun intended).

Small Decor Changes That Make A Big Impact

Try your own version of a living wall in the area that you like. It can be a small corner of the kitchen to an entire wall in the living room. Place planters in a single row along the wall, hang them off your balcony or put them against fences in your garden.

Hanging planters are perfect for living rooms, and so are farmhouse style wall planters. If you are into DIY, then get a few wooden crates, fix them on the wall, and voila! You have space for a great vertical garden that is affordable and also a joy to set up!

Miscellaneous small elements

There are tons of small things you can always blend in to the existing fabric of your home. Room dividers, for instance, can be transformative, especially in open plan homes. Gorgeously crafted wooden dividers or richly painted folding screens can function as art too. Dreamy room dividers made of bamboo or rattan will lend a rustic feel while pieces of furniture like bookcases can make a statement.

Small Decor Changes That Make A Big Impact

Placing urlis filled with flowers floating on water in strategic locations, creating a little Zen corner decorated with pebbles and aromatic candles, or incorporating artwork or sculptures in various corners can accentuate different features in your living spaces to make them more heartwarming and inviting.

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