Six Ways for Self-Care at Home During Coronavirus

Times are tough right now, and our world is not as we have ever known it. As we wend our way through the Coronavirus outbreak and isolate ourselves at home safely, there are things we can do to preserve a semblance of normalcy. The key is to nurture our mental and emotional well-being by maintaining our daily routines.

Here are six ways to help you care for yourself and find your personal balance.

Limit exposure to news


Every single headline today is dominated by Covid-19 as concern about the pandemic continues to rise every day. It’s understandable that we would like to stay informed but avoid excessive exposure. Scanning the news between work breaks only tends to raise anxiety and stress levels. Instead, constrain your news consumption to perhaps twice or thrice a day and also set a time limit.

Incorporate more movements

Workout at home

Missing your daily runs or gym workouts? Don’t let the inability to go outside stop you from staying active. There are plenty of free home workout videos available online or on fitness apps that will help keep you in shape. If this takes some time to get used to, start small by incorporating bodyweight moves into your daily routine. Drop down and crank out some pushups as you wait for onions to brown. Do a few squats while you heat food in the microwave. Staying active maintains a healthy mind and metabolism.

Organise e-meets

video conference

Social distancing only reduces in-person meetings. Set up e-meets instead and bring together your friends and family. Make it more fun by organising events like movie nights or book discussions. There are also many museums and galleries whose works are available to view online for free. Pick one and walk through it together with a bunch of like-minded loved ones for a real-life experience.

Indulge in home cooking

cooking at home

For most of us, the days before the outbreak were all about hectic days full of school runs and office commutes leaving not much time for preparing food at home. Now, with the extra time in the mornings and evenings, ditch the takeouts and rustle up wholesome home-cooked meals. Not only is it more nutritious but also helps exercise your creative cells!

Hold a music festival

music and meditation

Yes, you heard that right! Get your music-loving friends together and put together playlists. Keep a few favourite bands who can “headline” your festival, decide a date, and get the snacks and drinks ready. Lastly, get the video sessions going, listen to the playlists, and perhaps even dance to the music together! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

KonMari your home

clean and organise

“Spark joy” in these depressing times by slashing through cluttered spaces in your home. Use the KonMari method or any other system that you are familiar with and clean out wardrobes, garages, and other spaces. Spread it out over a few days by focusing on one shelf or cupboard in a day and gradually your home, along with your mind, will feel lighter.

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