Entryway Ideas

Simple Entryway Ideas That Make a Beautiful First Impression

The entryway is to a home what a trailer is to a movie. It needs to have the right inclusions, pull the right punches and be able to create enough suspense to get one excited about what’s next.

Entryways provide you with the first opportunity to present your home in the best light.
Remember, the first impression sets the mood and stays with everyone who enters your house: guests, children or you.

That is why it is important to create an inviting and welcoming entrance that is as stunning as it is functional. These simple yet clever entryways ideas will help you make a beautiful first impression:

Mirror-mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a great addition to an entryway. Not only do they look stylish, but they also enhance light to make your entryway look brighter and spacious.

They will also make it easy for you to check your final appearance before stepping out – as well as for your guests before they ring the doorbell. You can choose a large-sized mirror or a collection of small-designer mirrors if you have a long hallway.

Create drama with contrasting décor pieces

Add drama to the entryway by pairing two contrasting decoratives. A light wooden shoe-rack with some white marble showpieces against a dark wall works amazingly well to attract attention.

Add a contrasting coloured rug (black-and-white) to enhance the drama and complete the look.

Add some funky entryway chairs

Having a place to be able to put on or take off shoes is an essential part of entryways in many homes.
Just because you planned to have entry chairs, they need not be boring. A bench, chair or stool you decide to place near your front door should be able to reflect your style.

For example, this stylish entryway bench at Amazon. This not only looks chic but provides enough storage space for shoes or everything else to ensure your entryways are clean and clutter-free.

Colourful entryway with tiles

Add colours and patterns to entryway walls with coloured porcelain tiles. You can create one kind of space by contrasting it with different coloured tiles on the floor.

Keep the furniture minimal by throwing in a rustic wooden bench that works well with the entryway’s colourful themes.

Zone out to a long hallway

Breaking a long hallway into distinct areas will prevent monotonicity and allow a more interesting layout to the entryway. Start by placing a small rug or hall runner at the start, follow with a bench/chair/shoe cabinet, and decorate the place near the main door with a mirror or a couple of photos on both sides of the wall.

A long hallway also provides a great opportunity to showcase your artistic side. You can hang art pieces or just about anything you feel!

A feature light

It is important that the entryway be well-lit. And to up the style quotient use a feature light, a pendant light or a wall sconce that provides a second point outlining to the entryway.

You can also decorate the entryway with some flower pots or small decorative plants. Adding storage items depending upon individual needs is essential. The key is to keep the outside of home clean, well-lit and clutter free.

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