The Return of Art Deco Interior Design

Want to bring in the true essence of Art Deco feel in your home? If yes, think of making a glamourous statement with geometric patterns, rich textures, and bold accents. This interior style is all about creating a look that brings out opulence and a luxe factor. 

Read on to ace one of the most exciting and influential home décor styles of the 20th century, which has made a comeback only with more grace.

The natural aura 

­­­­Doesn’t a nature-inspired minimalist look sound perfect for times when all you need is a dose of the peaceful environment? To achieve this look of Art Deco, start with adding an exquisite grained texture to your walls with distressed veneers.

Combine dark wall shades with a classic white sofa set and place ceramic lampshades. This contrast will tranquilise your ambience, and uncluttered set-up will soothe your mind, body and soul.

You can also experiment with a miniature garden or a peacock painting to further enhance this clean and simple look.

The bold statement 

Art Deco interior style has returned with a modern outlook and an indulgent palette of metallics along with bold hues. As stunning and dramatic as black looks, remember to use it thoughtfully.

For instance, place matte-finished showpieces adorned in black and golden tones against walls.

Lastly, place a cushion with an angular pattern to give a contemporary feel and your safe yet uber-chic abode is ready.

The visual beauty 

An abstract patterned floor continues to be one of the evergreen elements of Art Deco interiors. 

One can opt for engineered wood floors with a crisscross chevron pattern that will add dimension and provide a subtle panache to your bedroom.

Layer checkered bedsheet and place a bedside metallic floor lamp to accentuate the beauty of your floor. 


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