Wind Chimes

The Magic of Wind Chimes Revealed

Did you know that the gentle tinkling sound of wind chimes help attract positive energy at home?

Wind chimes have a great significance in Vaastu and Feng Shui.

“Wind chimes are known to bring in positive energy at home. Further, one can also use these to reduce the impact of Vaastu dosha and bring in harmony,” explains Gauravv Mittal, a renowned Vaastu expert.

He further explains, “If the entrance of your home is in the North-West zone, hanging a white metal wind chime can bring in a lot of positive energy.”

However, to make the best use of wind chimes, it is imperative to hang these in the right places. As per experts, there are three main guidelines that one should keep in mind:

  • Material
  • Symbols in the design
  • Number of rods

Now, let’s delve deeper.


You will find many different types of wind chimes on the market. These include metal, wooden (usually made of bamboo), and ceramic ones. Interestingly, the direction of these matters based on the material used.

Wind Chimes

For instance, chimes made of metal such as steel, aluminium, copper, etc. should be placed in the West, North-West, and North directions for the desired results. Wooden wind chimes should be placed in the East, South, and South-East areas of your home.

Lastly, the ceramic ones can be used in the North-East, South-West, and Central areas of your home.


You may have come across several wind chimes with traditional symbols. The placement of such chimes entirely depends on the symbol used.

Wind Chimes

For instance, a chime with an image of the Buddha should be hung in the North-East direction as it is presumed to aid one’s spiritual growth.


Paying attention to the number of the rods or bells is equally important.

“Numbers play an important role in wind chimes to get the best results,” adds Gauravv.

Wind Chimes

Numbers six and eight are the most popular numbers of bells or rods in a wind chime to attract positive energy. For those looking to suppress negative energy, using a chime with five rods is recommended.

While you can place wind chimes anywhere in your home, it is advisable to hang these in the direction of wind-flow to increase the effect, concludes Gauravv.


  1. I didn’t know that chimes made of metal should be placed in the west, north-west, and north directions for positive energy. I think it would be beneficial to consider where and how your yard is situated as you decide what materials will suit you. I’ll have to look more into hanging wind chimes!

  2. I liked how you mentioned that wind chimes are known to bring positive energy at home. I’ve been looking for ways to spruce up my back yard and I think that some wind chimes could really help the atmosphere and bring some much needed positive vibes. I also thought it was interesting how you listed how many different materials wind chimes are made out of.

  3. Could you please suggest, Which material & how many rods Wind chime to put in my Entrance which is North East? It is quite windy here so I am afraid that Ceramic one won’t work outside the main entrance.

  4. The brass metal chime is considered to bring good karma, fortune and endowments. Give a fortune look to your home with beautiful wind chimes in India.

  5. Where should be metal chime with 5 rods and 3stones in the center placed in 2021? And what directions to avoid.
    Can it be placed over a front door to reduce negative energy protect money flow? (As you may guess, I have a challenge in the layout: the door is facing the stove and nothing can be put between them, so looking for other ways).
    Thank you kindly!

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