Is a Built-in Gas Hob the Right Choice for You?

Is a Built-in Gas Hob the Right Choice for You?

Old fashioned countertop stoves are now passé. If you are remodelling your kitchen or setting up a brand new one, you should consider opting for a built-in gas hob. Not only do they come with a wide array of features that add convenience to cooking, they are also easy to clean and better looking.

Modern hobs are very aesthetically designed and lend a sleek contemporary appearance to your kitchen décor

Here are just a few of the benefits that you get with most built-in hobs:

  • You get a choice of steel or glass surfaces, both of which are very easy to maintain.
  • They come with an auto-ignition feature that lights the burners with just a click.
  • As the hob is fitted at the level of the counter and does not protrude, it becomes easy to handle heavy utensils like biryani handis, traditional brass urulis, and so on.
  • The edges of the hob are fitted seamlessly into the counter, making cleaning of the cooking surface a breeze.
  • The cooking temperature can be easily adjusted as each burner comes with its own heat control. 
  • The design of the burners ensures uniform heating.
  • Unsightly gas pipes and electrical wires are concealed so that your kitchen looks clean and neat.
  • When compared to traditional gas stoves, hobs are very safe to use and have been designed to conform to international safety standards.
  • Some high-end hobs have a safety feature that cuts off the gas supply in case of the flame going off. Some also have an in-built timer for cooking.
Is a Built-in Gas Hob the Right Choice for You?

And to round off your buying decision, let’s look at some disadvantages of a built-in hob:

  • The hob is at a lower level than a traditional stove, so it is within easier reach of little children. Having said that, children should not be allowed near any stove, whether it’s a hob or otherwise.
  • There will be a permanent cut in the countertop, and you cannot move around the position of the hob at all.
  • Any liquid spills on the countertop will get into the hob and burners as well since they are all at the same level.

As you can see, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If we have helped you to make up your mind, here are some more factors you should consider.

Requires planning upfront

Always decide the location of the hob during the planning phase itself. The countertop will need to be cut in exact dimensions of the hob, and this should be done before the installation of the cabinetry.

Is a Built-in Gas Hob the Right Choice for You?

Alignment of the chimney

When planning the cabinets, make sure that the chimney is aligned perfectly above the hob. If they are of slightly different sizes, line up the centres of both units.

Is a Built-in Gas Hob the Right Choice for You?

Installation of the hob

A qualified professional is required for the installation of the built-in hob. They will align the hob and the chimney perfectly and will cut the countertop to the exact dimensions specified by the manufacturer. If too much is cut, there will be a gap in the countertop; and if too little is cut, the hob will not sit correctly within the space provided.

Is a Built-in Gas Hob the Right Choice for You?

Cost implications

Stainless steel finishes are less expensive than glass ones. While both options look good, the glass surface will not get scratched as easily as stainless steel.

Burner numbers

Hobs are available with options of 3 to 5 burners. Always make your choice keeping in mind the largest size of the vessel that you use regularly. The distance between the burners should be enough to accommodate the different size of the vessels easily.

Is a Built-in Gas Hob the Right Choice for You?

Cleaning of a built-in hob

If you have opted for a stainless steel finish, avoid using steel scrubbers that can scratch the surface. 

For regular cleaning, use a damp microfiber cloth or sponge to clean spills and stains, and then wipe with a soft dry cloth. Use only organic cleaning agents that are gentle on the surface. Avoid cleaning with too much water, as if it enters the holes in the burner, it will not light up till it has dried out.

Is a Built-in Gas Hob the Right Choice for You?

Regular cleaning by a professional is advised to keep your hob in perfect working condition. They will be able to open up the inside and check all the parts which are not accessible from the outside.

While the stove may be a small part of the kitchen, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind when purchasing one for your home. Follow the above tips, and you’ll know what to look out for!

This article is contributed by Dipti Das, AVP-Design,

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