Natural Elements

How to Use Natural Elements in Interiors

Your home interior need not be dull and drab. Nor need it be expensive and sophisticated. With the use of natural elements, you can easily add a touch of nature, poise, and charm to your overall interior design. Let me know if you can use these ideas for a different look to your home!


Whether you introduce furniture made from reclaimed wood or use whole pieces of natural wood elements, first plan out where and how you will use this furniture.

Make sure that you know exactly what you need, as you might stylistically overload a room, creating chaos instead of a sense of calm.


Decorating with rocks is a simple and easy way to add instant charm. You can also combine these with non-rock elements as well. Besides, you can also create sculptures and miniature art from the combination of different rocks.

You can use rocks and rocky designs to fill up otherwise empty spaces while adding a touch of subtlety. Add different coloured rocks to make the design more exciting.

Plants and greens

Perhaps it is time to rethink how we think about using plants in our rooms. Instead of covering up the earth in pots, it is better to build unique and creative terrariums. Not only will you bring more balance to your overall design, but you will be able to introduce a touch of nature without having to mess up your already established style.

Decorating with small plants is the best as you will be able to place them almost anywhere, and they will not take up too much space.


Bringing in natural elements into your interior design means nothing if you do not have abundant sunlight. Not only will your room brighten up instantly, but you will be able to bring in some exuberance into your overall design.

Furthermore, spending time in a well-lit room will make sure that you will feel healthy, fit and inspired. Make sure that you have plenty of windows or use other means to bring natural light into your room.


The existence of water is, well, vital—vital to our bodies, our lives, and our entire well-being. Its absence? Honestly, we don’t want to think about that.

Which is possibly why we as humans love to see, hear, smell, and feel water essentially everywhere we go. It’s no surprise that water features continue to appear indoors as much as outdoors, from design elements as minimal as tabletop waterfalls and accessories to astonishing architecture.

Recycling and upcycling

It is possible to refurbish and repurpose certain elements. Think of vibrant eco rugs here.

Bringing in nature

Although contemporary decoration may focus on technology, there is something primeval about adorning your space with natural elements. Natural elements help you reconnect with nature once again, and it will make your rooms feel perkier, warmer, and more welcoming.

This article is contributed by Ksheer Vasudha Kumar, Director, Navin’s.

(The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of RoofandFloor)

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