How to Deck up an Accent Wall

How to Deck up an Accent Wall

Is your home looking tired and jaded, and in urgent need of a pick me up? An easy way to breathe new life into your home décor is by creating an accent wall. 

Not only does an accent wall add focus to a room, it can also completely transform the look and feel of your space by adding a completely new dimension to it in terms of texture, colour, pattern or style. 

Looking for inspiration? Create stunning feature walls in any of these creative ways:

Stone walls for old-world charm                                       

Stone tiles on the wall give it an old fashioned charm and add texture and style to your room. While a favourite among homeowners who lean toward farmhouse themed décor, stone walls work surprisingly well in modern minimalistic interiors too. 

How to Deck up an Accent Wall

Contemporary chic

Not one, but two feature walls here. In this delightful bedroom, the walls of the bathroom stand apart with three-dimensional panelling, painted a smoky grey for added effect. The same shade of grey is emphasised in the floor carpet.

How to Deck up an Accent Wall

Painted headboard

The wall above the bed becomes the focal point of the room, with a deep grey wall paint and an abstract art series that continues from one frame to the next. Note how the frames are of different sizes, beautifully orchestrated despite being off-balance.

How to Deck up an Accent Wall

Corkboard accents 

A feature wall doesn’t need to cost a lot. Here, a coat of bold blue paint and hexagonal cut-outs in corkboard makes all the difference to the otherwise simple décor, transforming it from the mundane to the extraordinary.

How to Deck up an Accent Wall

Chalkboard paint

Use chalkboard paint on one wall to create a dynamic feature wall that can take on a different look every day. Draw chalk doodles, squiggles or cartoons, and put up reminder messages, to do’s or funny notes on your wall canvas.

Stucco plaster

Try using exterior stucco plaster on your feature wall, and give it a combed finish for an air of country charm. We love the elegance of white, but if you would like a pop of colour, you can always consider painting it in hues that match your colour palette.

Go rustic with bricks

A distressed brick feature wall can take the look of your room from ordinary to farmhouse instantly. Use burnt bricks of different shades for a natural look.

Metallic style

Metallic walls can make powerful style statements. The rest of the room can be kept neutral so that all eyes are drawn to the feature wall.

The warmth of wood

To really make a statement, try floor to ceiling wooden veneer panelling on one wall. The grooves create interest and keep the room feeling light and airy.

Stripe it up

Stripes never go out of style. This pale grey and white striped wallpaper effortlessly tie together all the elements in the room. 

Living walls

A vertical garden is a lovely way to dress up your accent wall. Hang tiny pots with herbs and ferns on a metal trellis, or let creepers grow up to cover the entire wall. Choose plants that will thrive in low light and with minimal watering.

How to Deck up an Accent Wall

An oasis of tranquillity

This peaceful bedroom gets the decor just right, with an accent wall that’s awash with the colours of the sea and skies on a quiet, peaceful day. An uneven sponge finish across the wall results in a gradation of colours that adds to the charm. As calm and soothing as can be. 

Paint me a mural

A gorgeous painted mural on this little boy’s bedroom wall has him reaching for lofty heights! The blue-green palette is continued through the bed and other furniture in the room. You can experiment with colours and patterns in the mural, from princess castle themes to natural landscapes.

Glass blocks

Translucent glass blocks add character to this bedroom and allow some much-needed light to filter through to the adjacent bathroom. A simple way to deliver aesthetics as well as functionality! 

Portrait gallery

With a picture gallery, you can add focus and create a visual interest that’s warm and personalised. You can intersperse coloured pictures, posters and paintings for a unique aesthetic.

How to Deck up an Accent Wall

Have you ever considered refreshing your décor by adding an accent wall? We hope these ideas help you out in creating your own showstopper at home.

This article is contributed by Dipti Das, AVP-Design,

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