How to Create a Glowing Home with Just Candles

We know it. Diwali is all about lights. And what speaks lights better than candles?

Candles are beautiful. Candles are serene. And candles are romantic!

Lighting a few candles and placing them in a cluster can instantly give your home a dressed-up look.  And now that festive season is here, it is the perfect time to jazz up your house with some candles.

Candles have become an integral part of home decors. And when we are talking about the festival of lights, candles are a must. From keeping them as showpieces along with other decorative to using them to light up a dark corner of the house, people are experimenting with candles and how!

While candles are forever, sometimes their arrangements do get repetitive and boring. If you are done placing candles at the home entrance or on the side tables, it is time to bring out your creative best and do some redecorating with candles.

Create a candle fireplace

Candles, Home Decor

If you have a large empty space, such as an empty study table, you can use candles of different textures, colours, and height to replicate the look of a fireplace.

Throw in some rocks or a wooden cover to complete the look.  If you have guests over, the candle fireplace will give a warm glow along with enhancing the look of your living rooms.

Use transparent glasses

Candles, Home Decor


You don’t really need candle holders! Place candles in a transparent glass and watch the difference. Keep a cluster of them in different sizes on any table, side shelf, or place them in front of mirrors to double up the glowing effect. Tie twine around them to create a rustic mood or something more glossy if we are using them for Diwali decoration.

Place them in a lantern

Lantern, Home Decor

Candles placed in a glass lantern make for an amazing vintage look. Place them outdoors or hang them indoors to light up a corner or nook.  Embellish it with a vintage or grand frame to make it exquisite and to make the space look luxurious.

Reuse the old mirror frame

Home Decor

Festivals are a wonderful occasion to repurpose things you may use anymore. So, why not take an old framed mirror and use it as a candle tray? A couple of candles when placed over the mirror will reflect the light, dramatically increasing its light and radiance.

You can even place a designer candle holder over the mirror for an interesting twist.

Use them as a dining table accessory

Expecting guests for dinner? Candles make for a wonderful dining table accessory. Use a couple of glittery wine goblets as a candle stand and place them in cascade. The light from the candle will reflect through the goblet, adding the much-need charm to your dinner party.  Use aromatic candles and throw in some flowers to see your guests getting impressed.

Safety is important

When using candles for home décor, you need to be especially careful.

Avoid placing candles near fabric or near electronic installations to avoid chances of a fire. While placing candles on tables, avoid keeping them on edges.

If there are kids or pets at home make sure that the candles are away from the reach of kids or pets.

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