How to Compare the Title Deed with the Original to Escape Fraud

Investing in real estate involves a large financial commitment. Thus, it is important to be cautious while doing any property-related transactions. Although the Indian real estate industry has now advanced to become more transparent and professional, it is crucial for a buyer to be watchful. How to Compare the Title Deed with Original to Escape Fraud

In this post, we explain to you how to compare the copy of the Title Deed with the original one.

“You can verify the authenticity of any document by comparing the certified copy of the document obtained from the records of the sub-registrar’s office with the original one,” informs G Shyam Sunder, a noted lawyer in Chennai.

He further explains, “All the details in both the documents should match.”

Types of certified copies

There are two types of certified copies:

• Scanned certified copy of the Title Deed
• Manual certified copy of the Title Deed

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How to verify scanned certified copy of the Title Deed

It is quite easy to verify a scanned certificate copy of the Title Deed.

All details like stamp paper denominations, the seal of the sub-registrar’s office, signature of the sub-registrar, signature of all the parties involved in the transaction, etc. should match in all respects.

How to verify a manual certified copy of the Title Deed

A manual certified copy of the Title Deed will contain:

• Description of the property
• Stamp paper denomination
• Stamp vendor
• Document number
• Volume number
• Page number

These details should match with the details mentioned in the original document.

Lastly, check if the signatures of the sub-registrar and executant of the document affixed in the certified copy of document tallies with the corresponding details given in the original document in all respects.

All said and done, it is always good to get the property papers verified by a lawyer and carry out due diligence before buying property.

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