How About an Extra Room in Your Apartment?

How About an Extra Room in Your Apartment?

As the corporate world embraces work-from-home culture, many homeowners are seeking to upgrade their homes. Interestingly, the demand for an extra ‘half bedroom’ is gaining prominence as it can be converted to workspace or study space depending on the changing needs of homeowners.

According to RoofandFloor recent report titled “Homebuyer Preference Survey The COVID-19 Impact,” Prospective buyers are placing greater emphasis on the layout of apartments, presence of balconies, and an additional small room for work/online classes. This trend is more prominent in the cities of Mumbai and Pune.

On the supply side, developers have also started to realign their products. Certain developers are launching apartments in the 1.25BHK and 2.25BHK configurations. “The alignment of supply with demand will support and ensure that the recovery is sustained,” the report stated. 

So, why are homebuyers opting for these half rooms? Well, these additional half rooms are convenient and affordable options for newly married couples, singles, and young professionals who have embarked on a new journey. Moreover, for a relatively smaller family, these half-BHKs are value additions as they can be used as a study, play area for the kids, or for storage.

An elevated sense of space

Shruthi CN, a media consultant by profession, who recently got married, invested in a 2.5BHK unit in one of the under-construction projects in Bangalore. On asking as to why she chose a 2.5BHK over 2 or a 3BHK unit, she says, “My budget didn’t allow me to go for a 3BHK house; hence I chose 2.5BHK as it gives me a sense of three rooms in my house. Though my house will be slightly smaller in size, the price factor won over the size.”

The extra half-room clearly gives one an elevated sense of living in a spacious home.

A new marketing strategy?

Taking a cue from this, real estate developers across cities are also playing with the psychology of prospective homebuyers to expand their customer base. Buyers, on the other hand, do not mind stretching a little bit for half a room to get a more spacious home at a comparatively lesser price.

A good investment option

These units have also emerged as a good investment option, especially in the current times, as the demand for these has risen over the last few years. Interestingly, the resale value for such properties is also attractive. 

So, is this concept of ‘half-a-room’ here to stay? Well, considering the number of under-construction projects offering such units in the city, we think so! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

High demand for 3BHKs

How About an Extra Room in Your Apartment?

In terms of configuration, the demand for 3BHK apartments has increased significantly. This trend is most prominent in the southern cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad as well as Delhi NCR.

Read the full report here!

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