Home Décor Trends for 2020

If you’re like most of us, your home style quotient is continuously evolving. We keep refreshing our interiors based on our lifestyles, the places we travel to, and most importantly, the latest trends in the world of home décor.

Consciously or unconsciously, the changing trends right from popular colours to furniture styles affect our likes and dislikes.

In this post, we analyse the trends of 2019 that are expected to persist over 2020 as well, and take a look at the key trends that experts are predicting for 2020.

Geometric patterns

Geometric shapes have been popular for some years now, and this trend is not going away in 2020 either. You can find bold zigzags, squares, circles and triangles on anything and everything; be it rugs, upholstery or curtains.

Bright and vibrant patterns can add zestful energy to your room. However, too many contrasting patterns in the same space can be overkill and could potentially leave you feeling mentally exhausted. 

Colour palette

Widely considered the design industry’s gold standard for the most popular colour, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020 is not out as yet (we will update you when that happens!). There are, however, quite a few interesting predictions.

Classic Blue and Biscay Green are expected to be trendsetters. Evocative of the sky and seas, these tones are refreshing and can open up fresh, cleansing possibilities in design and décor.

Scandinavian design

The clean, minimalistic look of Scandinavian design is back in a big way. With our fast-paced lives, coming back home to a calm, safe and chilled-out home is what we all need.

Pared-back and minimal, the Scandinavian design uses just what is required for cool comfort, and no more. Colours are muted, and while you can play around with textures and artisan-style materials, design choices need to be carefully considered. 

The tropical touch

Sustainability continues to be a focus in the world of design, which is good because our planet certainly needs more of it. Plants are everywhere— in indoor courtyards, on kitchen windows, outdoor vertical gardens and on patios and balconies. With available garden space dwindling, searches for vertical gardens on Pinterest are up by close to 300%! 

Wallpapers are also following this theme with tropical leaves and palm designs taking the forefront. Our love for anything green continues to prevail, and the trend of bringing the outdoors is stronger than ever. 

Giving back to nature

Environment-friendly homes that give back to nature are strongly trending. Solar energy, the use of recycled wood in furniture and flooring and natural elements like stone and metal are in vogue.

Holistic living is a growing lifestyle fad now, with the emphasis on the mind-and-body connection and getting in touch with the earth. Organic elements from the environment are used not just in interiors but also in the food we eat and the kind of activities we undertake.

Fabrics like jute, organic cotton and silk are in fashion now; and rattan, rubberwood and bamboo are preferred over wood that takes a long time to re-grow.

Black makes a comeback

Well, not a comeback exactly, since black has never really gone out of style, ever. Bold, dark and mysterious, black continues to be a staple in the interior designer’s arsenal. Whether on its own or juxtaposed with its polar opposite white; or with bold solid colours like red, yellow or gold black adds a defining touch to any space.

Convertible city apartments

With space constraints everywhere, innovative and flexible solutions for urban living are predicted to be more in vogue than ever. Designers will be called upon to come up with creative ideas that do not compromise on lifestyle but use smart solutions to suit the smaller spaces.

Flexible multipurpose furniture that pulls out or folds back against the wall, and spaces that can be recreated to suit different purposes at different times, will be the order of the day.

We at HomeLane thinks:

You cannot escape trends. While most décor themes come and go, some ideas are not just fads, but linger on for years. The strong trends in 2020 are likely to be centred on sustainable living, giving back to the environment and using recycled, renewable and eco-friendly materials.

Conserving our resources will be of critical importance, and design engineers are busy finding water-saving and energy-saving techniques to go green and reduce our carbon footprint.

With the mind-body-soul connect firmly in place, we are all redefining how we live. Minimalistic design continues to rule, and smaller, smarter, more flexible spaces are taking over the world of interiors. 

By picking and choosing wisely, you can update your existing interiors in exciting new ways, without having to redo your entire home from scratch.

This article is contributed by Baashobe Majumdar, VP – Design, HomeLane.

(The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of RoofandFloor)

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