Home Décor Trends For 2017- What Will Stay And What Will Go?

The right décor can make even the simplest of homes look elegant and stylish, while the wrong choice of interiors can make the most beautifully designed houses to have a shabby appearance. With the constantly changing home décor trends, knowing which trends are likely to stay and which may become obsolete can help homeowners make the right choice.  

5 Trends That Are Likely To Stay

Wood Marble Combination: A combination of wood and marble creates an exquisitely brilliant and sophisticated look which is why this trend is surely going to be a preferred choice for home decor in 2017.

Metallic Touch: Be it steel, brass or even copper, the presence of these shiny metals within a home, help in creating a balanced look besides adding a sense of strength to the structure, which is why this trend is here to stay in 2017.

Beauty Of Nature: The beauty of nature is unmatched, and it is perhaps the awareness of this fact that is inspiring people to bring in a bit of Mother Nature to decorate their home in 2017 with the help of a wide range of organically themed furnishings and fabrics.

Matte Finish: From wardrobes to appliances and even kitchen cabinets, the glossy appeal of matte finish will continue to win hearts of onlookers in countless homes boasting of featuring the best décor trends for 2017.

Magic Of Tiles: Despite being one of the simplest home décor trends, tiles will continue to weave their magic and be a popular choice amongst home owners in 2017, thanks to their classic look and great versatility they offer in terms of decor.

5 Trends That May To Go Out

Totally Antique: The idea of having an interior with a completely antique theme put a lot of pressure on home owners to find home décor items and accessories relevant for a specific period of time gone by, enhancing its chances fading out in 2017.

Extra Large Furniture: While extra large furniture might prove truly comfortable, it definitely creates a problem in smaller homes where the focus is on space conservation and even in large homes where people do not want to cover an entire area with a single piece of furniture. Hence this trend is likely to go out in 2017.

Metal Overload: while integrating some quantity of metal into the décor of a home is preferred by home owners, overloading the interiors with metal accessories and décor items, especially the ones made from glittering copper and brass,  is surely something they will completely avoid doing in 2017.

Dull Colors And Prints: People are more focused on giving their interiors a lively an interesting appearance, which is why they are no longer opting for dull color tones and prints for their, walls, furnishings and even upholstery.

Industrial Themes: The era of pipe shelving, rickety furniture and bare wood is certainly no longer going to continue in 2017 as people seem to have suddenly gotten over this trend which was considered quite popular and even unusual only couple of months back.

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