Home Décor Blunders You Should Always Avoid

How often do you buy a house and put all your energies into decorating it to make it feel like a home? Well not so often. Most people live all their lives dreaming about moving to their own house. So, when you find the one, it is a feeling full of exuberance. This high vigour is invested in decorating every corner of your house. However, most of you are not professional interior decorators, so décor errors are very common. Nonetheless, there are few things you should keep in mind while decorating your house so that you can avoid any sort of home décor blunders.

Inappropriate Lighting

Most people think there is no such thing as improper lighting, especially too much of it. Although, that is one rookie mistake. Over-crowded ceilings and walls are the biggest victims here. Huge chandeliers in a smaller space is also a bad idea as it can make your room look even smaller.

Solution: Instead of choosing many lighting options, go for functional lighting and wisely place lighting where it is darker or more required like under-cabinet lighting for Kitchen. Also, a dimmer switch might come in handy to regulate the lighting and mood of the space. This feature is more useful for those who like to host parties at their home.

Uneasy Furniture Setting

Sometimes in the spirit of shopping and overwhelmed temperaments, people tend to make the mistake of buying anything that is eye-pleasing. But right there is your worst mistake. A beautiful yet uncomfortable piece of furniture is a torture for many years. They are worse when it comes to a dining table or living room furniture.

Solution: Control yourself and do not follow your impulses blindly because buying furniture is a long-term investment. Vouch for a furniture that is cosy to sit and accommodates well in the living space it is to be placed. You must look for a good design but not be impractical with your choice. For instance, dining chairs should offer a comfortable experience and hence padded chairs should be your priority.

Wall Paint Slipups

Most of the times you commit to a colour while browsing at the samples. Although, that is not what you want and you will end up regretting in the end if it did not look good after being painted. Your chosen colour might not do well with the artificial lighting of the room or wall texture. In case your furniture is already decided, you should keep that too in your mind.

Solution: Everything should be in complete harmony of the colour you have chosen. The best solution for this is to paint a swatch before finalising a colour so that you are assured that does not seem out of place. Your choice of colour should agree with the texture of the wall, lighting and any other art piece or piece of furniture which is already decided for that space to get the best results.



Some other decor mistakes to avoid include over-cluttered spaces and inconsistent themes. Practical and visually appealing storage ideas are the best way to manage your clutter and themes should be carefully thought and never be an over-do. Clearly, a house becomes a home with a lot of effort and planning. Therefore, you should make practical choices so that it is closer to your expectations. Happy living!

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