Pantone Colour of the Year

Here’s How to Incorporate Pantone Colour of the Year into Your Home

Pantone’s tradition of picking the Colour of the Year began a little over two decades ago and has continued strong ever since. This year, it’s Classic Blue, which is “a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on…A boundless blue evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky…” as Pantone defines it on its website.

Indeed, various shades of blue have stood the test of time as some of the most reliable colours to incorporate into home decor. Blue is most often associated with being moody, but Classic Blue is punchy and versatile enough to be applied to a variety of things from upholstery to accessories to furniture.

Wondering how to do a Classic Blue makeover? Whether you want to meld Classic Blue with your existing home decor or want to infuse it in your new home, we have some tips to help you keep up with the trends!

Blue accents

Pantone Colour of the Year

Incorporate Classic Blue as an accent into your current home decor. Use pillow cushions, bolsters, vases, or area rugs to bring in some pop to the room without clashing with your existing colours.

Introduce artworks

Classic Blue is easy to achieve through artworks too. Hang up marine-themed watercolours. Put up oil paintings of blue skies or abstracts. Get a blue mural done with paint or decals. Ask your photographer friend for photographs of blue architecture. The choices are endless!

Textiles and linen accessories

Feel snug in a warm, blue throw that you can drape on your armchairs and sofas. Get Classic Blue bedsheets and pillow covers to liven up the bedroom. Get curtains or just the tiebacks along with matching tablecloths and napkins. Or how about bath towels and bathrobes for a Classic Blue bathroom? Interspersing blue is easy regardless of the rooms!

Furniture and flowers

Furniture and flowers? Yes, if you want to splash out a little more on doing up your home with Classic Blue then pair up blue flower pots with blue furniture.

Blue ceramics with flecks of white make a pleasant contrast with the green of the plants. Together with sofas and armchairs done up in blue upholstery, or blue pouffes or even blue-hued room dividers the colours in the room will seamlessly come together to produce a sharp and charming effect.

Walls and cabinets

If your home is due for a paint job, make your walls Classic Blue. But if that sounds like a blue overload, consider Classic Blue wallpapers to highlight some of the walls.

Think of Classic Blue wall-to-wall shelving or repaint your kitchen cabinets to give them an edgy look. Punctuating walls with Classic Blue floating shelves, small side cupboards, or perhaps even a wine rack can make a world of difference to update your home to keep pace with the trends.


Ok, the words ‘blue lighting’ might not sound particularly appealing, but it’s easy to add a touch of Classic Blue with your lampshades.

Blue string lights can induce a party atmosphere, and so can funky table lamps. Wall sconces, pendant lights or floor lamps can all be converted to Classic Blue to infuse a breath of fresh air!

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