Give Your Home a Festive Charm with These Tips

The lockdown phase has made us truly realise the importance of our homes and its impact on our mood. It is that cocoon where you start or unwind your day; contemplate or take rest; fight or live happy moments. Your home is your companion in sickness and in health. 

So, this festive season, uplift your ambience with the freshness of natural materials, splendour of glittering accents, and the allure of bright colours. It will make way for a healthy, clean, and uplifting environment that will narrate the story of best memories lived at home.

Read on for a tour to classic ways to amp-up the glam quotient of your house this festive season.

The metallic mixology

An element of tarnish and shine is widely embraced when it comes to celebrations. It also portrays sophistication and elegance that gives a rich outlook to your home interiors. To bring in a fusion of various metallic shades in your bedroom, we suggest blending with light colour hues. 

Start with replacing your otherwise plain bedding by adding the beauty and charm of metallic shades like bronze and golden tapestry through cushions and blanket.

Euphoria of neutrals

Earth tones are subdued hues rooted in nature that tend to be soothing and quite versatile. Although these neutral tones can work in a variety of spaces, maintaining visual interest can be tricky. 

To ace this décor theme and enliven your living room, place your white sofa set against the grain textured or zig-zag patterned walls. Here, remember to go for light brown shade for walls which will work dually as a balancing factor as well as make your space more comfortable and inviting for your guests.

To further strengthen your game of visual aesthetics, go with grey floor vase and lamp which will also add to the serene ambience. Since a lot of us prefer to use candles outside the house you can illuminate the earth tones with pendant lighting fixtures. You can also opt for traditional artefacts, handmade wall hangings or earthen pots to infuse some elements of Indian culture as widely preferred during festivities in the country.   

Go bold, go dark

A little drama can instantly uplift any room and mood. This is where a dark colour palette can make your space look bold yet intriguing. So, take out your checkered bedsheet and layer your bed with dark grey or blue colour. 

For your cushions and pillows, go for contrasting shade like beige which will calm down your dark tones. Next, you can also dedicate one corner of your room for a study area with minimal furniture in the suave of chocolate brown shade. 

Since natural textures work best in a room adding depth and some dimension to your décor, we suggest going for statement patterns or textures. You can incorporate them in your wooden floors so that your space subtly exudes a timeless verve and flamboyance. Further, enlighten this set-up by re-cycling old glass bowls and bottles filled with fairy lights that will help you weave magical vibes for your house parties. 

Staying indoors has gained its own importance this year and with the festive season around the corner, get on to trying these easy and delightful home décor ideas. We assure you will be stunned at the charming and sparkling outcome of your space.

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