Five Fabulous Christmas Decoration Tips

Five Fabulous Christmas Decoration Tips

Christmas is not too far away, but there is still plenty of time to deck up your home! Christmas traditions don’t change but your decor can. Whether it’s a muted, elegant look or a festive, glitzy look, we can help you make your Christmas merry and full of cheer. Get started with our top five Christmas decorating ideas!

Unique, themed Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is, no doubt, one of the highlights of Christmas. But this year, break away from tradition and try a different theme. Go bold with varying styles of ornaments, switch colours, and replace the tinsel.

Five Fabulous Christmas Decoration Tips

Try statement-making rose and gold-hued ornaments and pair them with large letters that spell out the initials of the family members.

Mirror the winter setting outside by opting for pure whites, yellows, and silver themed baubles. Or if you are not a fan of dreary, cold winter, then bring in some warmth with buoyant blues and jaunty, springtime greens.

Christmas season inside out

One of the most appealing aspects of Christmas is the image of dazzling white, snow-covered landscapes. Even if you live in a tropical country, why not recreate a white Christmas for a more authentic feel?

Five Fabulous Christmas Decoration Tips

Hang large silver snowflakes from the ceiling all over your house, and pair them with white string lights to accentuate the effect.

Place white stars strategically and complement them with white and gold lampshades. Bring in the snow with white garlands draped on the landing and bannister, and dust the stairs with some artificial snow powder.

Small touches of joy

Why limit the Christmas tree to the living room? Replicate the joy all over your house by installing miniature trees!

Five Fabulous Christmas Decoration Tips

Set up diminutive trees in multiple corners of your home with hints of tinsel and small decorations to spread the festive cheer.

Ramp up the lively atmosphere by swapping out your regular cushions on sofas for traditional reds and greens.

Incorporate a tablecloth with vivid patterns for the kitchen table, add a vase of frosted flowers, and hang mini holly wreaths along the wall. Lastly, don’t forget to put up stockings!

Reflecting happiness

Christmas is all about reflecting happiness. Literally. Incorporating mirrors into your Christmas decor makes a big impact, and it is also something distinctive and fresh.

Five Fabulous Christmas Decoration Tips

Put up a large, frosted holly wreath on your bedroom mirror and line up the dresser with cotton to enhance the effect. Add some feature ornaments and bunting around mirrors located in hallways or living rooms. Don’t forget the bathroom too! Drape some lights, hang a small star, frame the mirror with layers of green leaves or simply collect some pine cones in a glass bowl to give off those winter vibes!

Let there be light

What is Christmas without lights? Don’t limit yourself to lanterns, Christmas star lights or plain string lights.

Five Fabulous Christmas Decoration Tips

Light up pillar, scented, and votive candles in different colours and sizes, and place them in all corners of the house. Let your curtains be aglow with light pink or pale green lights. Intertwine them with indoor plants or string them with your favourite photographs of memories from the year gone by along with LED lights.

And our favourite – take large mason jars, fill them with fake snow, add a miniature fir tree or two along with fairy lights. Assemble three or four of these adorable jars to line up the entrance or to brighten the living room.

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